Could you be a TV expert?

Think of Location Location Location, SuperNanny, The Choir, Grow Your Own Drugs, The Apprentice, Grand Designs, How Clean is Your House, You are What You Eat, The House of Tiny Tearaways and Working Lunch to name but a few. They all needed new experts when they were devised – and so will many future shows.

3 Cloud E-Mail Services for Business

Microsoft, Google, and Cisco offer cloud e-mail services.

Web-based e-mail has been geared primarily toward personal use. Now, big players such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Google are trying to lure businesses away from on-site e-mail servers and into the cloud. We took the services for a test drive. Here’s how they stack up.

The Small Business Charter

Yesterday saw the launch of the Small Business Charter as a call to action in the run up to the general election aiming to give small businesses a bigger voice and is being backed by Intuit, the software company behind the accounts package Quickbooks.