London Business Angels join industry syndicate investing in AudioBoo

Four London Business Angels investors actively participated in the most recent £580k round of funding for London based AudioBoo with the lead angel from the syndicate joining the Board as Chairman. Coined as the Twitter-for-audio, LBA investors now join Channel 4’s media 4iP and Imagination Technologies (supported by both Apple and Intel) in backing this early stage business.

Business advice surgery with Marc Lawn

As markets develop and products mature customer needs can change. This is a fundamental area for businesses to get right, but how do I start and what are the things to watch out for? A simple beginners guide to help you on your way Marc is an experienced leader with a track record of delivering world class customer and consumer solutions on an international scale, having won three global accolades, he works with an ethical and sustainable stance. He pioneered the ‘making life easier’ management philosophy, one based on clarity, and has coined a ‘renaissance management’ theory, where senior leaders understand clearly the total context in which they operate. As a consultant to some key blue chip businesses Marc is adding value across the globe, he is a fellow of the RSA, a recent DBA graduate and a member of the IOD. His employment and assignment history covers middle and senior leadership roles in global organisations across multiple industries.

Networking Workshop with Andy Lopata

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a steady stream of ideal clients whilst others are always searching for the next? Have you ever wanted to get the opportunity to meet with your ideal prospect but never yet quite managed it? Most people recognise the importance of referrals as part of an effective customer acquisition programme. This workshop focuses on where to find referrals, particularly the ones right under your nose, and how to build an effective strategy to keep a flow of referrals into your business. Who this is For: This is for anyone who wants to work smarter and not harder. It is also designed to help those who feel they haven’t yet gained enough contacts or require a refresher in the ways to tap into their existing contact network.

Reviewed: Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, Oxford

Arriving at Raymond Blanc’s legendary retreat Le Manoir was a pleasure from the moment we arrived in the car park where an extremely helpful man appeared, greeted us and took the car keys. We achieved instant calm as we stepped through an opening in a hedge and heard the expensive whirring of a helicopter coming in to land. We had arrived.

What should we expect from George Osborne’s budget today?

The Chancellor George Osborne will unveil the new coalition government’s emergency budget at 12.30pm today. He has already indicated the budget will be the tightest in decades, based on a pledge for a rapid reduction in the deficit. Osborne has hinted at public sector pay freezes, a bank levy, capital gains tax changes, reform of the benefits system and a holiday in National Insurance contributions for new firms in hard-hit areas.