Are you ready for the VAT rate rise?

It is just a year since the Government rushed through, in a matter of days, a reduction in the VAT rate to 15%. We were told that this would stimulate the economy – whether it did or not is one for the political commentators – but the thirteen month temporary reduction is now almost at an end and we must prepare ourselves for a return to 17.5% VAT on 1 January 2010.

Top five tips for creating a security aware business

With 65 percent of small businesses surveyed believe that Internet security is critical to their business, only 28 percent have formal Internet security policies. As organizations combat an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape and feel potential impacts to IT staffing reductions due to the economic environment, employees remain the strongest defense in protecting an organization’s information.

SMEs have their say about bad management practices & cost-cutting initiatives

A recent survey of small to medium sized businesses reveals that the three worst qualities an employer can exhibit during difficult times to their staff are ‘hiding the extent of problems’, ‘making the problems appear worse than they are’ and ‘being distant with staff’ – indicating that SME employees want honesty and straight talk from their employers about the state of the business.