National Unfriend Day

Should you be making the most of National Unfriend Day?

Today’s National Unfriend Day may sound like a gimmick, but it brings to the fore real issues about self-esteem, says Julian Hall, founder of Derby-based Calm People – a company running emotional resilience courses to help improve workplace relationships. So let’s use the day to pare back social media contacts who just bring us down, and we’ll all be a lot happier for it.

Resilience in the Vacuum

My earlier article (The Referendum Result – What’s your drug….. fear…. anger….. smugness?) drew plenty of comment. Some supportive of the point of view I made and others quite clearly still stuck in the conflict and a few obviously trying to perpetuate the conflict. Perhaps if they continue to argue they will change the result or reinforce it.

Using the F Word at Work

Have you ever used the ‘F’ work at work? Being able to express yourself at work and truly say how you feel has become more challenging. Being able to be honest about how you feel without offending others and without expecting the rest of the word to join in is seemingly an impossible task.