Communications in the emoji era = digital marketing

Mark Wright, winner or The Aprrentice 2014 and Business Matters new columnist talks emojis and digital marketing

Earlier this week the Oxford Dictionary announced that the ‘face with tears of joy emoji’ best represents the ‘ethos, mood and preoccupations of 2015’.

From a marketing perspective this not only highlights the potential value of including these famous yellow faces in consumer campaigns – but, more importantly, demonstrates how far the digital landscape has morphed into daily life.

We now live in a world where there are more mobile phone subscriptions than people, where the term ‘Google’ has become some form of verb, and where no evening out is complete without that standard selfie shot.

As a digital marketer this is all great news, as, let’s face it, SME’s that haven’t implemented some form of digital marketing strategy would now really struggle to compete in their market sector.

However, one of the main difficulties is the fact the digital landscape is only getting bigger – different channels are introduced all the time and algorithms are constantly updated.

That said, there are five fundamentals I would currently advise all SME’s to incorporate into their digital marketing strategy – if implemented well, I guarantee you will soon replicate the Oxford Dictionary word of 2015:

Never under estimate the power of Google. Never.

Being on the first page of Google is still the top of my list and it should be the top of yours too. Web visitors rarely look past page one, knowing the best results are presented to them first. If you haven’t made simple steps for improvements, such as registered with Google My Business, then now is the time to do this.

Utilise your data

We now have more access to data than ever before including demographic information such as gender, age, device of choice, location etc. Monitor and use this – for example there is little point in trying to implement a targeted Facebook campaign if none of your web visitors are referred from Facebook.

Harness the power of social advertising

The importance of utilising social media for consumer engagement continues to grow apace, with the added dimension of social media advertising. Though another cost to incorporate into your marketing budget, social media and particularly Facebook advertising can bring you amazing results for very little financial outlay.

Be responsive

In 2014 users accessing the internet via a mobile device overtook desktop users for the first time. These stats have increased again in 2015 and are predicted to do so year on year. Therefore if your website is not mobile responsive, do something about it!

Content is still King

Both search engines and your target audience value useful and engaging content. Shared content is even better, and will quickly spread the message that you are a trusted source of information within your market sector.



About Mark Wright

Digital marketing specialist and influential Entrepreneur, Mark Wright, is the founder and creator of one of the UK’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Climb Online. Developed in partnership with Lord Sugar – following Mark’s win of The Apprentice 2014. In boasting a unique approach to online marketing for business development, Mark and his team have been entrusted with driving the digital strategy for some of the UK’s most widely known and recognised brands including Groupon, Be Wiser Insurance and Company Check.