How to learn from your mistakes

I was at UPS’s worldwide headquarters in Georgia, USA. One by one the people I was meeting trooped in and seemed to be nudging one another and laughing. “He’s the one” was the gist of what they were saying. I was a bit puzzled, but eventually one of them let me in on the secret. We had just signed a partnership agreement with UPS, but unfortunately my Finance Director had taken the instruction to “Fedex it to them” a little too literally. Using their bitterest rival to return our worldwide strategic agreement was a bit of a faux pas.

Small firms enjoy fast growth, Luke Johnson says we need angels & Cameron needs to ‘calm down dear’

Small Firms Enjoy Fastest Growth In 16 Years: UK’s small and medium-sized manufacturers grew at the fastest rate in 16 years due to strong demand at home and abroad, according to new data from the CBI published by Sky. The CBI Trends Survey goes onto report that companies have also benefited from the competitive level […]

Britain being left behind in cloud adoption, entrepreneur sells business for $30M after three months

SMEs in UK slower to adopt cloud computing than Europe’s firms: Small businesses in Britain are adopting internet-based software, storage and communication services more slowly than European peers, a survey of companies across Europe and published by The Telegraph suggest. The research findings, whilst not discussing American based businesses would also highlight that both Britain […]

Business innovation or imitation, management training grants available & Levi Roots interview

£20m management training fund unveiled to help small business  The Skills Minister John Hayes has called on senior leaders in SMEs to take advantage of funding that will support leadership and management training to help them grow their businesses.Business Matters reports that a round 13,000 small and medium sized businesses and social enterprises that demonstrate a […]