Franchising may be the way forward

Most people associate franchising with large brands, but it can also be an effective way for some smaller businesses, struggling to raise finance in order to expand in the present economic climate, to grow at minimal cost. The Forum of Private Business (FPB) is campaigning to raise awareness of franchising as a way forward for many viable businesses.

Winter chaos versus employment law

Heavy snowfall has disrupted commuters, shut schools and caused traffic chaos in many parts of the UK. So what are your rights if you couldn’t get into work or if you are an employer and your staff couldn’t make it in? We have asked Richard Nicolle, partner in Denton Wilde Sapte’s employment practice looks at some of the issues.

8.4 Million Brits lie awake dreading return to work

Huge numbers of Britons dreaded the first day back at work after the Christmas and New Year break because employers are piling on the pressure. Companies desperate to stay ahead as the recession bit last year are keeping people at work longer and increasing workloads, causing 8.4 million Brits to lose sleep in the past year, according to a study by insurer RSA and You Gov. RSA has dubbed the phenomenon has WAWAW – wide awake worrying about work.

Do you know where your stopcock is?

Thousands of businesses at threat from winter water damage – from inside the building as one in five business owners and managers do not know how to turn the water off!

Businesses are being urged to protect themselves from the effects of internal water damage this winter following new research released today. As many as 20-30 per cent of insurance property claims costs are for escape of water from inside the building1, with the most common being from the effects of a burst pipe.