Businesses struggle to find right staff but don’t think to train

Recent research shows that employers are still struggling to find the right kind of people to work with, with 70 per cent of companies saying that they struggle to find the right individuals to fill vacancies.

When asked why they struggled to find the right people 67 per cent said the candidates did not have the correct skills for the job, while nearly half  said they did not have the work ethic they were looking for. Interestingly even though 55 per cent of respondents said that there was a skills shortage in their industry, only 28 percent had taken on an apprentice.

Although the apprenticeship scheme was established in the UK over 50 years ago, it seems that for some SME business owners, taking on an apprentice isn’t an option.

Lyndon Wood, CEO and founder of, said: “Our findings show that despite many small businesses in the UK struggling to find the right skills for their companies they are still reluctant to take on apprentices.

“Apprenticeship schemes aren’t just for building trades or hairdressers, these days apprentices can be in any sector. It is a great scheme that can help upskill your workforce and teach them about your business and industry.”

Rebecca Jones

Online Editor

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  • John Knights

    In today’s world it is the responsibility of business to
    train skills (the education system doesn’t so it) and provide an environment
    for people to show the right behaviours and attitudes (often not taught at home
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