Top tips for developing an effective digital marketing strategy

Whether you’re considering paid or natural search marketing, display ads, sponsorship or online video, social media marketing or contextual advertising, the important thing is to find the channels that provide the highest return on investment for your business.

As businesses strive to beat the competition for the number one spot in the search engines, increased emphasis is being placed on search marketing to achieve it. However, the key to success online is to develop a holistic digital strategy that can do this and much, much more.

David Cameron is the new Prime Minister

David Cameron has become the youngest British Prime Minister after Gordon Brown resigned bringing to an end 13 years of Labour rule. But as the government is, it appears, to be a coalition with the Liberal Democrats where does this leave the manifesto plans related to business?

Social Media… getting started

Over recent years social media has transformed the way we communicate, bringing people together and giving businesses the opportunity to open up a dialogue with their customers in new and innovative ways. This massive shift has taken the marketing world by surprise, opening up new opportunities, as well as posing new challenges.

A long goodbye

James Max on Gordon Brown still being in denial. Denial that although he has the second biggest number of seats, he and his party lost this election. When I said that bigot meant Brown Is Gone On Thursday, I didn’t say which Thursday.

Decision day is nearly upon us

Bigot. What does it mean? Brown Is Gone On Thursday. Who will fill the void? David Cameron and The Conservatives, or a messy hung parliament? It’s going to be close but a few days are left for you to contemplate what lies ahead and the choice you have to make come election day.

The day Clegg turned am dram

As Greece demonstrates what happens when a nation’s finances deteriorate, watching our Leaders Debate last night you would not know that we have a national debt of nearly a trillion pounds. Apparently tax credits and benefits are more important. Be under no illusion. After the next election massive cuts are on the way. The real debate is whether we can get what we want for less. And who is best to make those cuts.