If Lord Sugar can do it, why can’t l?

It struck me recently that some of the most watched TV programmes at the moment all have something in common.

I am thinking of shows like The Apprentice, The X Factor, Dragons’ Den, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, Mary Queen of Shops and The Hotel Inspector to name but a few.

They tell people the truth as they see it.

It’s that (recruitment) time again…

“Where exactly is the ‘middle of nowhere’ please?”
With the latest figures on graduate recruitment showing that vacancies have dropped by nearly 7% in the year up to June 2010 following a fall of 8.9% in 2009, businesses might be forgiven for thinking that the lucky few to succeed in gaining employment would turn up on the first day with a strong work ethic.

Women are better at interviews but fear of maternity means they loose out

According to bosses women perform better at interviews, have better presentation, communication, motivation skills, understand companies and cultures better, are more thorough, affable and better able to balance multiple tasks and yet according to 42.7% of senior management surveyed by TheLadders.co.uk, they will not get the top job because they fear that women will leave to have children.