How the websites of insolvent businesses could be a step up on the online ladder

Although the number of retailers going into administration has fallen since 2008, there is still a steady stream of established names disappearing from the high street. But is there life in the domain names past death? Alex Wares, managing director at search marketing agency Mediarun explains

Why generic keyword domain names are so valuable to you business marketing

Why generic keyword domain names are so valuable to your business marketing

Some companies are sitting on the sidelines, sticking to their outdated traditional marketing strategies, other companies are quickly gobbling up all the best generic domain names related to their products, services, and locations. Here we explain the power of keyword domains and the role they can play in strategic marketing.

Return to sender: The forgotten element of e-commerce

E-commerce businesses focus time and money on providing customers with efficient and flexible delivery options. However, many companies neglect to extend this attention to the return of unwanted goods. Paul Galpin, Managing Director of P2P Mailing, looks at the importance of assessing and managing this vital process.

Online Video Marketing: The Small Business Strategy Guide

‘Companies everywhere are recognising that video has become the factor that can provide an edge over the competition’ – the wise words of James Leal-Valias, creative director at iStockphoto, writing for Business Matters a few weeks ago under the title ‘Design for Small Business: Integrating Online into Your Marketing Mix’.