LinkedIn the 12 most powerful features for business

In doing the research for this post, I have spoken to many LinkedIn users and business owners.
One of the things I have found fascinating about LinkedIn (which was corroborated by the conversations I had and emails I received), is that the individual tools on LinkedIn seem to form their own intense user groups. Some people describe LinkedIn as Facebook in a suit, but it is far much more than that. One person may focus their whole strategy on maximizing LinkedIn Q&A, another might focus on LinkedIn Events, while a third builds an entire strategy around participating in LinkedIn Groups discussions.

So what is Twitter really all about? – Here are ten ways to get more from your Tweets

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become something of a social media phenomenon. The idea of telling the world what you had for breakfast might fill you with horror, but there’s no denying that any channel that helps you identify emerging trends and engage with huge numbers of people has to have some potential as a business tool. We asked ntl:Telewest Business’s John Cunningham for his top ten tips on how you can use Twitter to benefit your bottom line.

A beginner’s guide to selling on Twitter

The rise in popularity of Twitter is partially due to its adoption by celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Lance Armstrong. Yet as a communications tool that allows you to talk to huge networks of people, and track what’s being said about topics in real-time, Twitter has enormous potential as a business tool.

Can a ‘technophobe’ really make it as a successful entrepreneur?

Are there three people in your relationship – you, your partner and your Blackberry? From the bedroom to the gym and even on the beaches of foreign shores, a Blackberry or iPhone is often never far from an entrepreneur’s side.

Apple has sold 21.17 million iPhones worldwide and last week RIM, the Canadian technology firm behind the BlackBerry, has unveiled a new mass-market version of its popular phone.

Skype could be cut off for good over dispute

Skype might have to shut down because of a dispute over the core technology used to make the internet telephone system work.

EBay, which paid $2.6 billion (£1.6 billion) for the voice-over-the-internet system in 2005, is facing a court battle with the original founders of the company who retained the rights to the technology at the heart of the system.

Could you recover from a disaster?

Kevin Moreau, General Manager, Acronis UK & Ireland looks at the thing you can be sure of with computers is that, eventually, they will break down. When you’re busy running a company, ensuring that your systems are backed up is often the last thing on your mind. But with financial figures, competitor information and customer data all resting on your PCs, it’s not surprising that, according to a recent survey from YouGov, 40 per cent of SMBs would suffer severe impairment to business operations in the case of a system failure.

Business show bucks recession talk seeing impressive re-booking

Nationwide Media Group, the company behind three of the UK’s largest and most successful business shows, is seeing impressive re-booking figures of 50% for its flagship events. These figures come as the company launches its innovative Marketing Propeller offer which gives exhibitors £11,000 worth of free marketing services. Under the Marketing Propeller, exhibitors receive a range of tools to maximise their profiles before, during and after the events held in Manchester, Doncaster and Coventry.