Know your numbers for growth

It may sound obvious but knowing your numbers is essential for business growth. Understanding how much your product costs to make and deliver, how much you expect to take out for yourself and what your running costs will be i.e employing staff, marketing costs, office space, equipment, bills, maintenance etc are all part of essential business planning.

How to sell your business

Selling a business isn’t widely discussed but has become more acceptable in our contemporary society. Essentially, everyone starting a business is creating something to sell. People often comment on entrepreneurs who they feel ‘sell out’ too soon but to me, it shouldn’t make a difference.

James Caan on growing your business in 2015

‘New year, new career’ has made its usual appearance across media channels this month and the encouragement of annual reflections often makes employees wonder if the grass is greener on the other side? Reflecting on 2014 reminds us all to think about our career focused New Year resolutions and ensure we have done everything we promised we would do the year before. More importantly though, it prompts us to focus on projections for 2015.

The importance of mentoring

Amongst all the tools entrepreneurs have, there is no doubt in my mind that the most significant is their experience and knowledge. This is something which, often can’t be quantified in the same way as profits or net worth figures, but makes a huge difference to a business’s employees, as well as others who want to start a business.