The Clarkson Conundrum…. Would you sack your company rainmaker?

In the next few days the BBC are conducting a full disciplinary hearing to decide the fate of the lead host of its highest grossing programme Top Gear following a ‘fracas’ between the larger than life Jeremy Clarkson and another member of staff. However when what seems to be a easy to decide case is made somewhat more difficult given that potentially replacing your key staff member could well cost over £50M in lost revenue what would you do?

Why the Glazers are right to sack David Moyes for the sake of Manchester Utd

Sometimes the world of football seems very detracted from the real world of business, however in sacking their first team manager David Moyes today the Glazer Family, it would appear that they are trying to wrestle back control and appease their global client base (fans) after a period of not understanding their clients post their acquisition of the club in 2005.