Best rugged bluetooth speakers of 2020 reviewed

Bluetooth speakers

Are you tired of purchasing a Bluetooth speaker frequently? If you are one of those who can’t handle things gently and end up breaking them apart, you are here at the right place.

Nowadays, buying a Bluetooth speaker means you will either consider it for your personal use or take it for your house party. Whatever may it be, there are only a few considerations that you are ought to make! The first one of them is portability, charging capacity and whether or not it is light enough! Today’s Bluetooth speakers are much more advanced in technology. They are integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant which works beyond your imagination.

●     JBL Charge 3

Might have heard about JBL before? Well, the company is known for offering the best sounds. The brand has kept its promise with the JBL charge 3. If you prefer loud music, this is the one you should try out! It offers excellent sound quality and comes with a compelling set of features.

Besides, if you are looking for a distortion free sound provision, JBL charge 3 won’t let you down. It offers a kicking bass response and is waterproof. Thus, you do not need to worry anymore even if you want to use it near the pool or by the beach side. The device is capable of withstanding all sorts of water splashes or accidents.

When it comes to sound, features and price, this model of JBL is decent enough as it balances all the three factors together. When it comes to size, it isn’t huge but it will take a pretty good amount of space in your purse. It’s rated as the #1 bluetooth speaker under 100 by tons of magazines.

However, this model is IPX7 rated which means that you can submerge the speaker up to a certain level for around 30 minutes and nothing would happen to it still!

●     Bose SoundLink Mini II

Although this model of speaker has been in the market for four years now, it is one of the most popular speakers that is in demand. The best thing about this speaker is that it offers a deep bass and a fizzy high. You would detinitely not want to compromise in terms of quality and Bose is that one brand that won’t let you do so!

It comes with a microUSB charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack that makes it more convenient to use. One of the biggest reasons for which people prefer to shift to Bose is its powerful and dynamic sound quality. It doesn’t neglect any part of the audio spectrum, and is just apt to deliver you with the best quality of sound.

Besides, it also consists of a volume pairing and multi-function button that are intended to change tracks or connect the device to voice assistants. Also, there is a mic that allows you to take calls when the device is in use. No matter even if you love listening to high volume music, using a Bose speaker would ensure that there’s no distortion of sound.

●     UE Boom 3

This speaker offers a thumping and loud audio as well as take care that there’s absolutely no distortion. It is quite durable, such that you may carry it on a camping trip. It offers a powerful design and a brilliant sound, a price that’s affordable to all. It comes with a IP67 waterproof/dust-proof design.

It has a 18 cm height and a cylindrical build for 360 sound. It comes with fabric finishes and is available in a wide range of colors such as lagoon blue, forest green, sunset red and night black.

This is indeed a compact model that you can pack it in your bag and carry it along with you while travelling. Also, it comes with two 2-inch drivers and two 4-inch passive radiators, something that is perfect for people who have been looking for a room-filling module.

Certainly, it is not the best of the models available in the market. However, if you are looking for a product that comes at a competitive pricing, this is the one to go for!

●     boAt Stone 1000

If you are looking for a gadget so that you can use it in a carefree way without having to worry about the safety features. This boAt Stone 1000 is a perfect deal for the customers who are more hooked up towards performance. The 14 watt stereo speaker and 8 hours of battery life is decent enough!

Boat has been one of the most popular brands in the sound industry for quite a long time now. It has been one of the most reputed companies offering a decent sound quality, without any distortion and a really good clarity.

●     Bose SoundLink Color II

If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker to be used while travelling, hiking or going to the poolside, Bose SoundLink Color II will be an ideal choice for you. It comes with a dynamic sound production wherein the mids are lush and the highs are a little rolled off. It works comfortably with voice assistants and if you don’t want any compromise in terms of sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker is the one for you.

The size is decent enough and compact. It has a splash free body such that you can submerge it can withstand the water splash or any water accident. It even comes with a multipoint bluetooth and the average battery life of this speaker makes it a desired choice for people around.

Also, this comes coated in a soft-touch rubber which makes it shock proof even to survive the bumps and scrapes. I won’t say that it is the best among all, but certainly if you want a value for price, this is the one for you!

Bottom line:

The afore-mentioned products are some of the best in the list. You may either pick one from them based on your requirement and seeing to the features and the budget that they come up with!