Casinos closed due to coronavirus & online casinos come to the rescue

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Casinos across the globe are of course being ordered to close their doors for the foreseeable further, due of course to the Coronavirus pandemic, and if they are forced to remain closed for many weeks that could ultimately see many land based casinos being forced to close down forever.

That is of course the same story with many other unrelated businesses, however as many land based casinos also have online casino sites and mobile casino apps available, that will at least give them the chance to weather the storm brought on by Coronavirus and ensure they do have a stream of income during these difficult times.

If you have never considered gambling online at a non Gamstop casinos , but you are getting the urge to play casino games if you are currently stuck at home, and may be at home for several weeks, then today I am going to be looking at just what such sites have to offer you.

One question that you will have though about gambling at an online casino site, if you have never played any casino game online before, is whether the games on offer are completely random and fair.

As long as you make a point of only ever playing at fully licensed and regulated casino site, then you will have the peace of mind in knowing all of the games that those sites have to offer you have been certified and independently verified as being complete fair and random games of chance.

Online Casino Games Often Have Higher RTP’s

Never be under the impression that when you do decide to play at an online casino site, due to casinos being closed due to Coronavirus that you are going to have to make any type of compromise.

For when it comes to the number of casino games that you will have access to, you will find hundreds of games available at most casino sites. Plus, many casinos now have instant play gaming platforms too, and as such you are never going to have to download any software when playing at those sites.

However, one of the main benefits of playing online is that you will often find the payout percentages or RTP’s as they are often referred to as will be much higher on games such as slot machines and video poker games at online casinos, when compared to the payout percentages and land based casinos.

Therefore, and to ensure that you get the maximum play time and the maximum winning opportunities over you long term play, I strongly suggest that you stick to playing at casino sites that offer a good mix of games that do have higher than average paybacks.

Also, if you tend to only play card and table games then spend a little bit of time looking up the house edges of those types of games that you can access at online casinos, as you will certainly find more than enough low house edge card and table games to play online.

Better Valued Bonuses Available at Online Casinos

Most land-based casinos will offer their customers a player’s club, which is how those venues can work out the true value of any customer and can then reward their gaming action with comps.

However, one of the main advantages of switching to playing at online casino site is that you are not only going to automatically be enrolled in a casino sites players reward scheme when you register as a new player at those sites, but you are also going to be showered with all manner of additional; promotional offers and deals too.

When you first sign up to most casino sites you will then instantly be able to claim a welcome bonus offer, which can take the form of a high valued deposit match bonus, or some other type of offer which could be a large number of no risk spins on a slot machine on which you get to keep the winnings.

Whether you claim that sign up welcome bonus will be up to you of course, however you will then start to receive a large number of ongoing promotional deals too, which are often going to be tailored around the games you tend to play at any casino site.

Just be aware though, that not every casino bonus offer you will come across will be offering you the maximum playing value, and the only realistic way that you are going to determine whether they do offer value or not, is by reading through the terms and conditions attached to them.

Gamble Responsibly Online

It doesn’t matter where you tend to gamble, you should always ensure that you are gambling in a safe and secure playing environment and that you always gamble responsibly too.

As mentioned in UK Casinos Not on Gamstop , By carefully selecting the online casino sites that you do decide to gamble and play at, you will find that many of them do take responsible gambling very seriously, and lets face it when you do gamble there is always the risk that you may get carried away.

Most if not all fully licensed and regulated online casino sites, which by the way are the ones that I suggest you only ever play at, now offer their customers several tools that they can make full use of to ensure they never get carried away when gambling.

You will be offered at such sites a gambling limit option setting, that not only allows you to put in place a deposit limit at those sites but you can also pick out just what period of time that deposit limit is in place too.

As soon as you have reached your pre-set deposit limit you will not then be allowed to make any further deposits into your account until the time period you selected has expired.

Many casinos will also let you now set a loss limit too, so fi you are worried that you may gamble way too much online then do consider making full use of those responsible gambling tools that are available to you at most casino sites.

Stay Safe During the Current Crisis

You are going to have plenty of time to visit your local land-based casino once the current coronavirus crisis is over, but until that time make sure you keep yourself and your family members safe.

It can be very tempting to rush out and panic buy, in fact supermarket shelves are being cleared across the globe, but ask yourself, do you really need so many toilet rolls and fresh food? There is no shortage of food, and if everyone remains sensible and buys what they need there will be no shortages.

What I would suggest you do however is to make contact with any neighbours you may have that are elderly, for there is a chance that they may need some essentials, so make contact with them in a  safe way and ask them is there anything they need.

Another thing I would strongly advise you against doing, is becoming completely obsessed with watching TV news channels, for it can be very easy to watch time for hours and that can induce a state of panic.

We will get over this crisis, but it is of course going to take some time, but if everyone remains safe and follow the instructions and guidance given to them by local authorities then hopefully it won’t be very long before normal life returns, but that is likely to be for quite some time.