Casual free casino games to play on your commute to work

Betting on train

Long working hours are bad enough, as they eat away at our energy, patience and ultimately enthusiasm to enjoy the day.

The prospect of spending several hours more in traffic, or commuting to work is simply depressing. The good news is that smartphones and tablets can provide some relief, assuming you are not driving to and from work.

Commuters who take the train or the bus can use mobile devices to have a bit of fun, before they reach the destination. Time passes much easier when you can play a fun game and this type of entertainment also takes your mind away from most daily problems.

A godsend for recreational players

Social networks provide a welcomed distraction throughout the day and many of them choose to spice things up with casual casino games. These are essentially the same slots, table games and video pokers that are promoted by traditional gambling operators. By incorporating them in the bundle of social features, these networks are simply providing users with yet another form of entertainment.

Whether you choose to play slots, table games or video pokers on a social network or at online casinos, the experience is virtually the same. Both provide the games for free, so even if you don’t want to spend the time, you can have a lot of fun on your commute to work.

The obvious advantage of casinos is that they provide players with the alternative of betting real currency. One can bet insignificant amounts or increase the stakes, based on their financial means and expectations.

Recreational punters frequently choose the free version, but some make the transition from the demo format to real money. The latter require an Internet connection, so if your mobile plan supports this type of entertainment, you can go online and play for real.

Free games can be enjoyed offline, once players agree to download and install the casino app. These applications can be acquired for free from the official website and more recently from Google and Apple’s online app stores.

Free slots and table games are one tap away

Casual casino gamers are inclined to choose those titles that don’t require any previous experience and have a smooth learning curve. Slots are the obvious choice because of their sheer simplicity and the fact that they rely exclusively on luck. There are literally thousands of them out there and the overwhelming majority can be tried for free at websites like UK casino who have a handy mobile app. Classic slots with three reels and modern ones, including some carrying progressive jackpots look good and run well on smartphones and tablets.

Table games have many fans among recreational gamers, but they are particularly popular among those who have some experience with gambling. The RNG powered blackjack, baccarat and roulette can be played for free indefinitely, but their live dealer counterparts require a minimum investment. There are so many worthy games that no longer how long the commute to work might be you won’t run out of choices.