Future of online casino

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People and technology, a bionomy which represents evolution. Since ancient times humanity felt the necessity to improve their living conditions and make everything better and easier to manage.

This need to simplify people’s lives has pushed to invent tools and instruments useful to smooth every human activity.

When a certain level of well-being was reached, then the needs changed, people started looking for something which could make them happy, something which could give them real fun and enjoyment like casino.

From that moment on, the ludic side became one of the most important aspects of life.

The development of online Casino

Gambling industry is, for facts, one of the most lucrative sectors in the world.

Since the advent of the internet, this sector has constantly grown and expanded itself. Nowadays, the number of investors in the I-Gaming industry keeps increasing every year.

The reason behind this trend is simple, people always look for something new and more exciting.

In just a decade the number of people who play at online casino passed from a few thousand to several million.

The kind of players who have also changed. People are more demanding and the competition among manufacturers has generated a real war, where developers and investors are called to launch new offers so to make people select a casino rather than another.

The first step toward improvement had to do with the quality of the graphics and the slot machines layouts.

Better resolutions, faster connections and more detailed graphics elements quickly became ordinary stuff.

A step towards the future of casino

When the high resolution and super-fast performances became normality, the next step was the introduction of 3D graphics.

Reels and wheels in three dimensions, decks and sabot viewed from all sides, dealers and croupiers designed to perfectly mimicking real people so to give players the feeling to interact with a real human being.

Once this aspect of online casinos became normality too, the next step was almost inevitable and already announced.

Virtual Reality has then become the next level of gaming.

VR and Online Casinos

Virtual Reality is the future and the present of all games.

Using a headset (a helmet with screen and speakers), microphones and joysticks, the gamers can interact and have an impact on the surrounding environment.

People have the chance to modify, change and manipulate virtual objects perfectly recreated thanks to powerful elaborators.

Who tries virtual reality experience says that after the first moment of disorientation, the feeling becomes so real to be almost impossible for them to distinguish between what is digital and what is not.

Nowadays, there are already several casino games available in VR and the clues seem to say that the trend will remain the same for a very long time.

Next steps in casino games future

Another possible scenario seems to be 4D games. A combination between the “traditional” 3D cinema and physical stimulation, which can be considered a sort of middle way between the VR and the 3D graphics. Curious to find out more about it?