Gambling in Germany – legal or illegal?


Gambling has long had a legal but not yet legal status in Germany.

In recent history, the local state authorities, the countries, have been given the right and responsibility to regulate gambling on their territory.

However, gaming and gambling activities in online casinos in Germany are now monitored and controlled at a higher level. At least this is the case for most of Germany.

In the period between 2008 and 2012, gambling in the country was declared illegal by the federal government. The only exception was the state of Schleswig-Holstein, where gambling was defiantly legalized. Subsequently, the government introduced new rules aimed at the regulation and approval procedures of the regional gambling operators. With the exception of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The so-called State Treaty on Gambling is an agreement between the individual states of the country. It is the one that came into force in 2008 and has recently even been updated. So now online lotteries can be operated in the country. In addition, the bidding process for the licenses of online sports betting operators is currently on the agenda. This is not a new procedure. It is carried out annually since 2012, licenses for online casinos are awarded, and still only from the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

So gambling in Germany is currently still in a complex and sometimes very precarious situation, because it is still largely unregulated. The country is currently playing with plans for an official licensing program, but there is still a long way to go. The situation in connection with the gambling legislation in Germany remains however opaque, since there are two laws – the interstate law, the mentioned gambling contract and the gambling law. At the international level, Germany has bad cards and does not make it popular.

One thing is for sure that online gambling is popular in Germany. Even safer is that not a single German ever got into trouble when he placed a bet on the Internet or dared to play a game in online roulette. The legal disputes in Germany mostly revolve around the right of operators to offer their services to the public. This always has something to do with money and monopolies.

Where can you play online in Germany?

German citizens should look on game pages from the country, or those who are licensed in Germany like NetBet Germany instead of relying on foreign operators. Companies based outside Germany are not licensed under German law and therefore may accept bets and stakes from anyone. When it comes to foreign operators, however, one has to keep in mind that under German law there is no legal claim if something happens.

A European license is acceptable. An online casino that has its license from a European country will do the fuck and its players cheat because they can be sued under European law. However, one could have a problem if the license comes from a small Caribbean state or from an Indian reservation in North America. This is not to say that these licensers act illegally, but a legal battle with the casino can be difficult.