Hair transplant in Turkey: why customers are so satisfied with it

dhi hair transplant treatment

If you take a look at the Internet forums or social media pages dealing with alopecia issues, hair treatments and cures for androgenetic hair loss, you will find a huge number of posts and comments from many people affected by baldness regarding their hair transplant experience in Turkey.

On some of those pages, former patients publicly post pictures of them before and after their hair transplant in Turkey, so that everyone can see and tell the difference. Usually, they receive heaps of congratulations and praises for their new look.

Turkish hair loss clinics: a story of success

What is the origin of all this enthusiasm? Those who have been forced to deal with alopecia, especially in the last 10-15 years, already know the answer.

Starting from the beginning of the millennium, and in a most pervasive way in 2010, with its more than 350 (and counting) hair loss treatment clinics, Istanbul – and the whole country – has become the privileged place for for professional hair surgery and hair loss research.

Why is Turkey a top destination for hair treatment?

There are many factors that contributed to the supremacy of hair clinics in Istanbul among such a large number of patients. In the following lines, we will try to briefly examine the most important ones.

  • Advanced technologies: The most renowned clinics specialized in hair transplants in Istanbul can boast the best cutting-edge technologies, as well as solid expertise in using them.
  • Latest methods and techniques: FUE, FUT, DHI, Perkutan and Sapphire – they are only a few of the several options available in Turkish clinics. They are undoubtedly the most advanced and efficient hair transplant techniques currently available on the market. And many of them have been practised – and even perfected – in Istanbul clinics for almost two decades.
  • Competitive prices: This is the main reason why Turkish clinics are so famous abroad. But at the same time it’s the cause of the biggest misconception about them. In fact, for many individuals, having low prices automatically means that the service provided is also low-quality. Hair loss treatments in Turkey are less expensive because of the low living costs compared to certain European countries.

Medical tourism in Turkey: quality treatment in a historic location

All the above mentioned elements make a difference between an ordinary business and a top level one. And they serve as the driving force for an even bigger business known as “medical tourism”.

And the word “tourism” has its weight here too: besides undergoing a top-notch treatment with the highest chances of success, the patients in the Turkish clinics can also enjoy the hospitality of this great country. Many clinics offer different packages that include return flight tickets, a stay in a modern hotel and sometimes even a sightseeing tour.

Of course, a patient’s experience can be customised according to their wishes. No wonder that the country welcomes thousands of medical tourists each month, who then leave satisfied and happy because of their new and voluminous hair.