How did mobile gaming get so popular? 

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Mobile Gaming has become so popular in today’s generation. Perhaps, the easiest reason why they have become so popular is that they are easily accessible.

In this century, there is an evolution of technology and you will find that even your grandma or just a 5-year-old kid owns a smartphone. Because of that, they have become so popular and everyone is enjoying them. By 2020, it is estimated that mobile gaming is going to account for about 800 million video games market.

In 2019, mobile gaming only accounts for about 40% of the video games market. As such, there is going to be a huge transition in the gaming sector which will see more people playing games on their smartphone devices. About 20 years ago, mobile gaming was so difficult as the world was trying to get into the new technology. But since the beginning of the 21st century, mobile gaming has improved and now, it is taking over the gaming industry.

So how did mobile Gaming become so popular? Here are the main reasons:

Portability(Easily available)

First, the main reason why mobile gaming has become so popular is that they can be easily accessed by everyone and at any time. This is because of the improved technology which enables you to simply download a game on your mobile phone within 5 to 10 minutes and you will be playing. All you need is a strong Internet connection and you are good to go. Several companies have also emerged to create smartphones that are portable and can play any game. Mobile gaming ranging from super-hero games, racing games can be easily accessed. They are available on the Google Play Store. iOS store among others.

They are Inexpensive

Another reason why mobile gaming has become popular is that they are affordable. By affordability, I mean that anyone can get access to them. Mobile games are so affordable because you only need an Internet connection for you to play. What has even made it cheaper is the introduction of strong connections such as wi-fi and fiber which have faster speeds. This makes gaming very affordable and you can download up to ten games on your smartphone and enjoy playing.

They are captivating to play

Most people will go for a game that is enjoyable and captivating to play. Mobile gaming does exactly that. It provides you with games that are captivating and ensure that you have enjoyed yourself. Most of them will allow you to finish something that is enjoyable. They ensure that they make it somehow difficult so that you can have some fun in the struggle. The more you move from one level to the other, the more captivating it becomes and the more you will want to play the game.

They have a Quality Display

When it comes to quality, online gaming says it all. When playing a game ion your mobile, they have great features and of high definition which makes the game lively for you. The quality that is displayed by these games from their manufacturers makes you want to play more and more. Games such as FIFA, Racing Games and also sword games have really good graphics that are attractive to your eyes. The best graphics only means that the game is of Quality.

They are Addictive

Now, this may be both positive and the negative effects of playing mobile games. They are so addictive. One thing about mobile gaming is that they always leave you wanting to play more and more because you want to accomplish something or see what is going to happen next. As such, you will discover that you are glued to your smartphone trying to outrun your opponents in the game. Most people especially young adults are so addicted to mobile gaming. That is why when you will discover that an individual will have up to 5 plus mobile games in their phones.

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They always follow the latest trends

We are blessed to be in a generation where everything is simplified by the Internet. Here, you will get anything that is popping. It is easy to know what is happening in the world markets, sports, politics, wars among others. Because of these, mobile game manufacturers have come up with ideas of putting what is trending into a gaming perspective. That is why are able to get shooting games, sports games, and others just to give you a glimpse of what is happening in the world. This is the beauty of mobile gaming.

They have easy mechanics to use

In like manner, mobile gaming has easy mechanics that you can use. You don’t have to struggle to play these games. You only need your fingers to press buttons and arrows while you enjoy your home. Furthermore, mobile games are made using keys, arrows, and buttons where you can press and continue playing. They are complicated compares to PC gaming where you need to press a lot of buttons and controls in order to enjoy the game. This makes it easier for even grandmas to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes.

Can be played from anywhere and anytime

Equally, Mobile gaming can be played from anywhere and anytime. As you well know, a smartphone is portable and you can easily carry it from one place to another. You can play games on your mobile while in the kitchen, bathroom, outside watching birds or just doing what you love. You can be on a bus traveling and busy playing your favorite game. Because of this, mobile gaming has taken over and in the near future, it is going to beat all the online gaming platforms because of their portability.

Generally speaking, mobile gaming has become so popular in today’s world. This is because of their availability and ability to suit everyone’s gaming desires. How? The availability of smartphones. This is what has made it simpler for us to even enjoy them from the comfort of your home . Moreover, they are affordable and needs only an Internet connection for you to download or play them online.