How to pick runners & bet on horse racing

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If making money from betting on horses was easy, we would all be earning money.

Unfortunately, as with any money-making plan, there is a lot of work that needs to be carried out beforehand to make it a viable venture.

With the rise in online gambling websites, we no longer need to enter a seedy bookmaker to make a bet, and this has helped many people who otherwise would not have to make money from picking the winning horses.

Before entering a career in gambling or just wanting to make some money you will need to open a separate bank account to place your funds. You never want your betting money, and your moneyto get intertwined as this is how you take the risk of losing the lot. Opening more than one bookmaker’s account will also give you a wider choice of odds and a better picture of the betting scene.

Choosing a Horse to Back

Getting a method in place to pick good horses to bet on is the hardest part of earning money from gambling. There are many factors to take into consideration when looking at the form guide of a race. Check to see what the horses form over today’s distance is, if they have a previous good outing, this can give you some assurance that they will perform well again.

Horses have preferences to which conditions they will run, so check your horse’s past performances on what ground the track was, firm, good or soft. Look into where the horse has come from, how far they have travelledas a horse which has cost a lot to bring to the race will likely be in with a good chance of winning. Check when your horse last entered a race, as thosethat have been out for a long time may need a race to get back to top form.

Many professional gamblers will have favouritetrainers or jockeys which they often back. Sticking with a trainer with a good track record who brings plenty of horses to race can help you get good returns but be careful as blindly following a lucky trainer can also empty your bank account quickly.

Most jockeys will enter every race at a meeting, and if you choose the person on form, this can lead to good win returns. When following a jockey or trainer always remember to use your regular betting system to review the horses and past form guide. Never bet on a rider or trainer without previously checking all your betting information.

Setting up a System of Betting

The key for any avid gambler to gain consistent returns throughout the year is being disciplined with the betting system you use and never deviating from the process. Every punter will have their stake amounts set depending on betting odds, track conditions and course length. Being controlled with your betting is the only way to get returns.

A punter’s stake should correlate with their bankroll to ensure that you don’t bet away all your money before you have recuperated any loses. If you are keen to get involved in the big race meetings like the Dubai World Cup in March or the Kentucky Derby in May, you can have a separate kitty where you can have fun bets just for the spectacle.

When setting up your betting system don’t be scared to make changes and tweaks where necessary, it will require some work to earn money on horse races. You can utilize the various bet handicapping and calculation tools available from online bookmakers which will streamline your betting process and limit errors. A good betting system should have allowances for betting on flat racing or jumps, a race over the jumps adds an extra factor of luck as one bad jump can ruin a horses race.

Start Picking Horses

Once you have your funds in place and a good betting system to work from, you are ready to start picking the winners. When starting, it is wise to take it slow to see how your system performs before rolling it out on a larger scale.

If you look at a race and see no horse which fits perfectly with your betting program, you should walk away, and you can find a better bet elsewhere. Also, never chase money back if you lose it and critically never believe you are on a lucky streak. If you believe in the system you have set up and are happy with the results in test mode, try it out on a few of the big race meetings and try and pick a winner.Good luck!