How to save & transfer photos and data from your iPhone without iTunes


Although functional and rather powerful, iTunes remains, like most of Apple’s tools quite limiting in use and not very flexible.

And if there was a performance tool better than iTunes and even more versatile? The AppSystem editorial team looked into the issue, and we were able to find a little nugget.

The best alternative to iTunes: DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a handy tool. It is a practical and intuitive software that will allow you to transfer and save photos and other data (music, videos, contacts, ebooks, messages, apps, etc.) of your iPhone with ease and without any restrictions. The photo transfer feature of DearMob iPhone Manager has particularly caught our attention because of the possibilities it offers and all the killer features that it has. This software is so complete that you can’t expect more!

You can transfer all files

This will allow you to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your computer and vice versa, which is normally impossible unless you use AirDrop on Mac.

You will be able to select photos (including those that come from third-party applications like WhatsApp or Snap) to upload by album, date or randomly but also to convert your files from Apple’s .HEIC format to. JPG and vice versa, so you can open them on any device, including a Windows PC. And icing on the cake: EXIF ​​metadata will be preserved, that is to say that the information (time, date, place, etc.) of your photos will not be deleted during the transfer.

Still in the tradition of practical features unavailable on iTunes, we find the option to delete photos imported from a Mac or a PC, which can’t normally be erased on iPhone and finally, the export of Live Photos also keeping well the video and the animated photo with its different frames.

Enhanced security

The iPhone manager software has a powerful algorithmic encryption system that supports both symmetric and asymmetric encryption with 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2 and Argon 2. Your photos will be transferred safely and securely to this feature of photo encryption on iPhone. At first, you can get this free license code of DearMob.

Independent of iTunes

DearMob iPhone Manager is totally independent of iTunes and Apple standards like “Apple Support Service” or “Apple Mobile Device Service” in general, which allows you to exceed all limits set by the manufacturer.You can rely on this completely without the help of other software!

Giveaway / Contest

At the moment, DearMob is organizing a contest featuring 10 DJI Osmo Mobile 2, 10 Lifeprint 2X3 Instant Print Camera and 10 Olloclip’s Lenses. But most importantly, by participating, you automatically get a free license from DearMob iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Manager is the best solution for you and anyone who wants to freely manage files on iPhones without having to depend on iTunes. You really can backup iPhone without iTunes! Hopefully this article is able to provide useful information for you. Good luck and thanks for your time.