Reasons to use a scooter instead of a car

electric scooter

Have you ever thought of any reason why you should trade your car in for a scooter? It sounds weird, right?

However, you could be making a very smart choice when you choose to trade in your car for a scooter. There is a myriad of reasons why you should seriously think of trading in your car for a scooter:


If you are thinking about saving up on the amount you spend on maintaining your vehicle, trading in your car for a scooter can be the right call. Scooters are very easy to maintain and will go a long way before it starts demanding expensive repairs. Kids love small scooters due to the fact that they are very easy to learn to manoeuvre and that pretty much is always what you read on a review of kids scooters. This also is very true with adult scooters, getting around traffic would be so much easier.

Not only will you be saving on fuel, you will also be saving off the initial trade-in value of your car.  Not only are scooters less expensive than vehicles, they also give you a unique opportunity to get there fast on less fuel.


When it comes to performance, the average scooter will give a car a run for its money. Several high-end scooters will do better than the sleekest sports cars when put to a test of performance. With sporty scooters being made from aero-fitted alloys, you can get a scooter that will give you more bang for your buck.


Climate change and global warming is no longer a myth, it is something that is happening and the impacts are getting more obvious by the day. With motor vehicles emitting so much exhaust, there have been several issues relating to vehicle emissions in the last few years. Scooters emit little or nothing when it comes to gaseous release. If you are looking at taking a stand with the environment, riding a scooter is your best bet. You can even top the chart by going for an electric scooter!

Save on sundry issues

While trading your car in for a scooter, you are not just getting the savings for now, you will also get to save for the future. From fuel to insurance and maintenance, saving is all round issue while riding a scooter. First, a scooter is more efficient in fuel burning, allowing you to use less fuel for a longer period of time. While you will need a scooter insurance in the United Kingdom, the cost doesn’t even come anywhere close to what you will have with a motor vehicle insurance.

Higher resale value

Motor vehicles lose about 40% of the initial amount of purchase in terms of depreciation after only one year. This means that selling a car after a couple of years will result in a significant financial loss to the owner. This is compounded by the fact that the car would have lost 70% of the viable cost by the end of the fourth year. With a scooter, the buying cost at first is not that huge. Then, depreciation doesn’t occur that often for a scooter, leaving you in safe hands.

There are so many reasons why you should seriously consider trading in your car and picking a scooter.

Photo by Nick Belanger on Unsplash