Slot machine betting systems that don’t actually work

Slot machines are one of the most played games in the gambling industry. This is largely due to the fact they’re easy to play, are hugely entertaining, and can result in a massive jackpot if you’re lucky.

Slot machines are one of the most played games in the gambling industry. This is largely due to the fact they’re easy to play, are hugely entertaining, and can result in a massive jackpot if you’re lucky.

Even though you don’t need any skill to enjoy slots, there are still people out there that swear betting systems actually work. The truth is, however, none of them actually do. Odds will forever be stacked in your favour, and this advantage for the casino is called the house edge. If you fancy playing slots, check out Grand Fortune Casino where there are plenty on show.

If gambling fans fancy a laugh or two, then check out a book called John Patrick’s Slots. In this, the author, John Patrick, writes about many different slot machine strategies that apparently increase your chances of winning. However, most people have come to the conclusion that he must have been paid by casinos to write this absolute pile of baffle. These strategies make no sense mathematically, and it would be foolish to believe him.

In this article, the first five strategies highlighted are written by John Patrick, and we also touch on a couple of other tips that don’t actually work either. And, remember, if someone tells you they’ve found one that does, they’re lying…

Straight 60

The Straight 60 is when you play a slot machine until you’ve won 60% or lost 60% of your entire bankroll. This means if you start with £100 to wager, you will walk away once you’re £60 up or £60 down. You will also implement a rule called ‘the naked pull’ in which you choose a number between 7 and 14. Once you’ve lost this amount of times in a row, you will move on to the next slot machine. This system doesn’t increase your chances of winning whatsoever. You are simply just keeping track of what profit or losses you are getting.

The Play and Run

This system doesn’t allow you to play at one single slot machine for more than five minutes. Your whole bankroll is split into five different sessions. So, if you have £100 to play with, you will split it into five £20 pound wagers. Again, while this may be a great way of checking a few slot machines out in quick succession, mathematically, it doesn’t actually increase your chances of winning.

The Chicken System

In this system, you set an arbitrary betting sequence. This sequence doesn’t change whether you win or lose either. If, for example, you are using £1 for one unit, you will place £1, then £2, then £3, then £4. You can choose how many times you may bet at each level too. So, you may bet £1 three times, then £2 three times, and so on. If you reach the end of the sequence without hitting your loss limit or win goal, or the ‘naked pull’, then you start again. It seems like we’re saying the same thing over again, but this system doesn’t increase your chances of winning.

The Squirrel System

This combines some of the earlier systems, so you will limit your time at each machine to five minutes, and you will also set a loss limit and ‘naked pull’ limit. The main difference here though is that you put to one side half of your bankroll if you manage to double it. Obviously, your chances of winning aren’t increased, but it’s just a better way of not wasting your money and getting too greedy with your winnings. This is a rare system where its advantages could actually be argued.

The Ladder System

This is a system where you increase your bets when winning and lower them when losing. It’s an attempt to take advantage of streaks. However, it’s impossible to know when a streak is going to begin and, therefore, this system seems pretty pointless. Remember, the house will always have the edge.

The Zig Zag System

This is a system with the idea that you look at the reels and try to find a pattern within them. You may try and find an ‘X’ or ‘V’ shape which is drawn by certain symbols. Apparently, this then means that the slot machine is ready to pay out. If you know anything about slots, you will know that slots are completely random at every spin. Therefore, this system is utterly nonsense and does absolutely nothing in increasing your chances of winning.

Even though slot machines don’t actually increase your chances of winning, some do have their purpose. It’s a great idea to keep track of how much you’re actually spending at an online casino and strategies such as The Squirrel System allows you to do so. They can also add a different dimension to your gaming and, therefore, make it more entertaining. As long as you don’t honestly believe that The Zig Zag system can actually be profitable, feel free to implement these strategies to your gaming if they’re going to make it more fun. However, always remember that gambling should always be done responsibly, and you will never be able to make a living from it.