The most stubborn ideas in the world of slot machines


We all know that slot machines like what’s provided by จีคลั enthrall millions of players by their ability to brew huge sums of money.

Some players think they have found one of the keys to understanding how the machines work and therefore in this sense have more chances to win. It turns out that slot machines in particular but also many other casino games only work through luck. It will be impossible for the player to predict the results.

The cycle of machines

Let’s start with one of the most common misconceptions. Slot machines would be programmed to distribute according to predefined cycles, so arrived at a certain number of game turns, the jackpot would be issued automatically.

This is wrong; each round is completely random and independent of past games. There is no history to slot machines. You may put a coin and the jackpot falls, you give ten coins and it falls again, and then for more than a dozen days, nothing happens. We repeat, your results at slot machines are governed by luck only.

Between myth and reality

Some players think that playing with a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus does not offer the same chances as with a classic deposit. However the machines are not programmed to recognize the source of the credits with which the player tries his luck, so it is a myth. Other players think that the servers determining the redistribution rates and the game matrix can be controlled and modified at any time.

This was previously wrong but it seems that as technologies evolve, it is now possible for some casinos to react according to the traffic present on their site. This practice is known to be a minority but it seems that it exists. Any player should play on reputable mobile casinos such as GClub มือถือ

Does the casino owner control the game in the dark?

Some players think that the position of slot machines plays a role in the fact that it is more profitable than others. Thus, slot machines at the beginning of a list on the interface of an online casino would be less profitable than those at the bottom of the list of available games. This is a common misconception because many of these machines operate on the same matrix and are therefore mathematically similar.

We also find this idea received in land-based casinos and some players believe that the slot machines most exposed to the passage are less profitable than those less accessible in the corners of the game room. There is no rule or strategy that can explain the chance. Slot machines are managed around the world by powerful computers that manage algorithms that guarantee total impartiality.

Many organizations control the casinos on these software so a casino will not be able to make profits if the players do not trust. There is no miracle method; it is just good to count on its lucky star.