Totem Vaporizers – Review & Tutorial

Using dry herb vaporizers has become a popular trend these days. Although there are many fine quality vaporizers available on the market, one of the most intriguing and high calibre dry herb vaporizer is the TOTEM vaporizer.

The makers behind the TOTEM vaporizer claims it provides the perfect herb flavour and unique features making it one of the top vaporizers available. An exclusive and high-quality taste of herbs is guaranteed by the hybrid heating system i.e. using both conduction and convection processes for heating up the herbs.

Unlike many other vaporizers, the TOTEM vaporizer is inter-connectable i.e. two or more TOTEM vaporizer chambers can be connected for a rocket-fuelled experience of multiple herb flavours. Given below is a review of the TOTEM vaporizer along with its main features.


The TOTEM vaporizer has the following features:

  • It has a hybrid heating system using both principles of conduction and convection.
  • A unique feature of this vaporizer is that it is inter-connectable i.e. two or more TOTEM vaporizers can be connected to experience a double boost of flavour.
  • The TOTEM vaporizer is water-resistant.  
  • Being made of a super-resilient material, this vaporizer has shock-proof property so it will survive an accidental drop. 
  • It has a long lasting battery that lasts for 50 to 60 minutes of continuous usage. 
  • It has four different lights indicating different temperatures. This feature is described in detail below. 

Hybrid Heating System

The two principles of heat transfer i.e. conduction and convection are involved in the heating mechanism of this vaporizer. But what does it mean?

Conduction is when heat is transferred through direct contact of objects. In the case of the TOTEM, conduction happens in the chamber.

Convectionmeans the transfer of heat through the movement of air/gas or any fluid. In the TOTEM, this process happens in the chamber as well as through the airway pipe of the device. The cold air is pulled and heated in the device and then you draw this hot air by vaping, getting a lungful of flavours from your dry herbs.

Four-Coloured lighting System

A common problem with most vaporizers is that they heat-up too much causing the herbs to be scorched and loss their flavour. The TOTEM vaporizer has unique four-coloured lighting system for indicating four different temperatures. This will enable the user to set the right temperature at the right time. The colours and their respective temperatures are:

  • Blue – 356ºF/180ºC
  • Purple – 374ºF/190ºC
  • Orange – 392ºF/200ºC
  • Red – 400ºF/210ºC

Battery and Charging Time

The battery takes 110 minutes to charge fully and lasts for 50 to 60 minutes of continuous usage. If the battery gets low during heat-up, the TOTEM’s lights will blink instead of pulsating to indicate a low battery status. 

How It Works

  • The TOTEM vaporizer has a mouthpiece, herb chamber, bottom cap and a plug where another TOTEM chamber can be connected for making a double vaporizer. 
  • Before using, it needs to be charged with the USB charger provided in the kit. It will take 110 minutes for it to charge.