What to expect from Los Angeles Lakers this season?

Los Angeles Lakers

Last summer, the Lakers cranked one of the most high-profile deals in the NBA history when they managed to sign LeBron James. The King quickly managed to fit into the team from Los Angeles.

In the past few years, the Lakers have experienced far from the best period in their history. For several seasons in a row, once a great team could not get even into the playoff round. Moreover, they set a new anti-record by the number of victories. These years have become a real test for their fans, too.

After Kobe Bryant retired, the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t actually have any top stars, but this summer everything changed. Now, the team has LeBron James, thanks to whom the game of the club has changed significantly.

Livescores by 777score.ph offer a great opportunity to be the first to learn about the results of games featuring King’s new team, as well as its rivals. The importance of James is proved by the fact that after he left his previous team ranked last in the standings and after half of the tournament has almost no chance of reaching the playoffs, although with him they played in the NBA finals for several years in a row.

Team’s Prospects in Second Half of Season

Now, the Lakers have their ambitions back. And while the team is unlikely to be able to compete for the title, it is quite capable of reaching the playoffs. Then, much will depend on the mood for a particular opponent. In the history of the game there were examples when in the course of the regular championship the teams ranked 7th or 8th knocked out the clubs, which were ranked 1st or 2nd.

If the Lakers will not only get to the playoffs, but will be able to pass at least one round, then it will be a real success, and you can safely say that a new era is beginning for the team. However, everyone knows that its leader’s ambitions are much bigger.

The Lakers’ trumps include:

  1. Individual skills of players. Thanks to this, the team will be able to decide the fate of not only particular episodes, but the whole game.
  2. Long bench, which plays a key role during the busy season.
  3. Great experience of leaders.

The famous team is now becoming a formidable force in the NBA again, which is very welcome by long-time basketball fans. You can always follow how LeBron spends his first season in the Lakers at the site of sports statistics. We offer only verified information from the world’s best arenas. It’s enough to make a couple of clicks to access all the necessary information.