Why security is key: 3 Types of security that will keep your customers safe

cyber security

Running an online business can be tough, especially when there’s an almost constant threat of cyber attacks.

Millions of personal identities are revealed via security hacks every year, while the average Google website scan exposes approximately 20,000 blacklisted websites with malware every week. Due to this, customers shopping online are extremely wary about security: Are the payment methods provided as protected as possible and is their personal information safe from prying eyes?

Here, we’ll be looking at why your site needs the best security available, and which types of security will best suit your business.

Why Your Site Needs A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

First and foremost, you must ensure your site has the fundamental, standard technology for keeping internet connections secure – SSL. A Secure Sockets Layer guards all data being sent between two locations by encrypting it, to prevent anyone from seeing or editing the information. SSL is used by numerous online shopping sites including big names like Amazon.co.uk, as well as other online services that deal in thousands of peoples’ personal information.

For example, most iGaming platforms such as those reviewed on casino comparison and review hub slotsjudge.com hold SSL certificates and few casino players would ever visit a site that didn’t have SSL in place, because they usually intend to play with real money.

Why Your Site Needs A Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Recently, a newer version of SSL systems has been released: Transport Layer Security. In reality, TLS is just a slightly updated version of SSL but you never know, it may suit your site better. The main differences are that, firstly, TLS has a pseudo-random function (PRF) and, secondly, it has the HMAC hashing function, which improves encryption. Many websites choose to have both as they know the power of an SSL and yet want the updated code that comes with a TLS. It’s interesting to note that TLS is backwards compatible with SSL so they can work together without causing any issues.

Why Your Site Needs Computer Antivirus Software

Of course, you can’t just rely on internet software and encryption programs to keep your customers safe. The computers, tablets, mobiles and other devices you use to access your site must also remain safe and secure. After all, all of your customers’ information and transactions can be accessed from your devices if needed. You could have all the network security in the world, but if someone gets into your personal account then all is lost. To prevent this from happening, make sure you have strong antimalware software such as Norton or Avast to keep your information secure and to clean your systems regularly.

Before your business can begin offering products, goods and services you must first ensure that any customers you do manage to attract are as safe as possible. By installing the fundamental basics you’ll have enough security to begin accepting transactions, so just double check you have everything we’ve mentioned above. Don’t stop there either, there’s no such thing as too much security and your customers are sure to appreciate any efforts you make to protect them and their information.