Why sports betting operators like Betway are increasingly focusing on their online casino branches

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The UK is one of the world leaders when it comes to online gambling. The major bookies and sports betting operators are increasingly taking advantage of a positive worldwide reputation to broaden their markets and revenue share.

As revenues from online bookies in the UK continue to rise, more sports betting operators are making the transition into online casino branches. There are a number of reasons for this shift in focus, but grabbing a larger portion of the potential online gambling market is the key. As the UK betting industry continues to be a world-leader, here are the reasons why so many household names such as Betway are leaping at online casino branches.

Social Media

The rise of social media has proven to be positive for those brands that embrace it. Sports betting operators that have adopted trending social marketing have seen their brand recognition sky-rocket. Names like Paddy Power have joined Betway at the top of the market, with the average Betway casino review showing just how far they have come since adopting the bestcasino.co.uk status. Eye-catching marketing and a broader consumer base have made it almost inevitable that these household names are looking at offering more than ever before.

Proven Interest

Not everyone is into sport, and not every country has the same obsessions with the same sports. By making the shift to online casino gambling, UK firms are able to attract a wider portion of the global gambling community. There’s no disputing that gambling has resulted in one of the biggest UK business success stories of recent years. There are estimates that the UK market alone amounts to £2.8bn into the public purse. With easily recognisable games like roulette, craps, slots, and blackjack, sports betting companies are able to attract more players and more revenue.

Global Access

With such incredible revenue potential in the UK, it’s no wonder that UK brands are looking beyond the horizon at larger and less saturated markets. As more of the globe develop more reliable internet connections, sports betting companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of those markets and get a head start on their competitors.

Mobile Access

You don’t need a PC or even a laptop to get involved with online gambling. Now, you can place a bet, play a game, and collect your winnings using nothing more than your smartphone. That means that UK sports betting operators are diversifying. Now that anyone can gamble from the comfort of their own home, on the daily commute, or on their lunch break, the potential scope for profit generation is bigger than ever.

Improved Security

One of the barriers to online gambling is fears about cybersecurity. Online betting companies have embraced the challenges and are among the first industries to take advantage of the latest cybersecurity trends. With the adoption of resources like the blockchain, online casinos are proving to be one of the more secure forms of online gambling.

As technology continues to improve, the online gambling industry is only set to grow. Tech like virtual reality is set to be the next big leap forward for online casinos, and that means that online sports betting operators are racing to keep up with the brands that started moving more quickly.