Hard Brexit thugs are an economic wrecking ball


And now we’re in big trouble because the bully boy hard right Tory thugs Davis, Fox and their acolytes are being aided and abetted in this self-harming frenzy by a prime minister, a prime minister in waiting, and their mild-mannered Chancellor.

Last month in her speech to the Conservative Party conference Theresa May warned of the “bad side-effects” from the Bank’s loose monetary policy. She also criticised a rootless “international elite”, which was a pretty obvious shot at the Canadian Mr Carney.

As for the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, it’s now time to stop pandering to these mind-numbingly stupid hard-line Brexiteers, who, whatever they say about the referendum, do not have a mandate for a hard-Brexit, and certainly weren’t given a free hand to wreck the economy.

Last night Mark Carney changed the game when he announced that he was leaving in March 2019. We can no longer stand by and let these economic vandals destroy the economy that we have so painstakingly rebuilt since the recession of 2008-09.

And the PM, the Chancellor, Boris Johnson, and the rest of the responsible cabinet need to consider how long they can continue to stay silent and support what is being done in their name.

Mr Hammond has attempted to talk up the economy, most recently with the Nissan plant announcement and the better than expected (post-Brexit at least) growth figures last week. But what isn’t generally acknowledged is that it’s the sane non-political Bank of England that is underpinning our relative stability, thanks to interest rate cuts, and its unassuming (£435 billion) QE programme.

There is no mandate for a so-called hard-Brexit, and with the pound hitting all-time lows, and the real pain is still ahead of us in 2017 and 2018, when we start to realise just how expensive life is when sterling has been devalued by 20 per cent!

Luckily the Canadian bank boss has more respect for the well-being of the people of the United Kingdom than the dogmatic anti-Europeans of the hard-Brexit variety, and so has decided to stay on until March of 2019, and continue to fight to stabilise the ship, rather than bail out in 2018, which he believes will be “the darkest days for the UK”.

Accept the referendum result, sure. Stand by and commit economic suicide, not a chance! And I think I’m not alone – it’s time the 48 per cent started fighting back.


Charlie Mullins

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