4 new pieces of machinery that will be game-changers for farmers


There have definitely been many incredible technological marvels to appear on farms over the decades, but as we move into 2020 and beyond, new machinery must be introduced for farmers to keep up with high consumer demand.

While farmers across the UK have to face the challenges of climate change, availability and cost of land expansion, as well as the potential consequences of Brexit to contend with, they still have a job to do nevertheless. Just like they’ve always done, farmers will do their best to grow food to help feed a growing population, but the difference right now is that technology is assisting them like never before.

These are just some new pieces of farming machinery that are revolutionising agriculture. But if you happen to be on a budget, do consider checking out these used tractors for sale instead

Robocrop InRow Weeder

Cool name aside, the Robocrop InRow Weeder is a useful little thing that can mechanically remove weeds without the use of harmful chemicals and long, backbreaking work. As weeds can ruin crops and even livestock in some cases, the Robocrop helps to destroy these unwanted plants and promote healthy crop conditions.

CLAAS combine harvester

It would be fair to say that the combine harvester was due for an update after all these years. CLAAS is releasing a new, updated LEXION model that has been designed from the ground up with input from farmers and contractors to deliver a lean, mean, powerful combine. Throw in a larger threshing drum, laser guidance system, AI assistance, advanced fuel-saving capabilities, and a bigger cabin and set of tyres, and you’ve got yourself a combine harvester that is soon to become one of the most sought-after farming machines in the UK and the world. Check out a world record corn harvest using a CLAAS combine harvester below.

Dewulf carrot harvester/separator

Similarly to potatoes, carrots are root vegetables that typically require a lot of digging and picking by hand, often with dozens of workers needed to complete the job. The Dewulf carrot harvesting machine is towed behind a tractor and is lightning fast and efficient. Seeing just how quickly the carrots are being harvested and separated makes one wonder what other older techniques can be improved upon and changed for the future.

Hortikey plantalyzer

This is perhaps one of the more space-age pieces of machinery out there. The Hortikey plantalyzer can assess the ripeness of tomatoes using sophisticated camera and software technology. The machine will move along the rows and analyse the crops, and then send back data to the farm owner regarding how many tomatoes are ready for picking. While it might seem large and bulky, the technology will become smaller and faster down the line, and it’s possible these machines could be used for many other types of crops one day.