Innovative ways to utilise business phone numbers in 2019

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A company’s business phone number is the number one point of contact for customers to reach out to the business.

Despite increases in the use of other types of point of contact, such as email and chat, the ability to have an actual person answer the phone to ask questions and discuss products is considered the most reassuring form of contact by far.

Having a dedicated phone number for your business and any branches or departments of your business adds to your credibility as a company. Here are some innovative ways to utilize business phone numbers in 2019:

Go Virtual

Conventional landlines have limitations. To get the absolute most out of the use of your business phone number, you would need to spend more money for add-on features, such as SMS, fax and call forwarding options. These are all features that a business can really benefit from. With that said, one of the most innovative ways to utilize business phone numbers in 2019 is to get a business phone number that is cloud-based or “virtual” rather than a traditional landline.

Fortunately, companies like Global Call Forwarding offers affordable business phone numbers that are cloud-based and they offer a plethora of features to correspond with the phone number to enhance the offerings of the business when it comes to customer service and communications overall.

With digital phone service, phone calls no longer need to traverse through copper phone lines. Instead, they are transformed into digital signals, which are then transmitted using a high-speed Internet service. Business owners prefer this type of phone service for a variety of reasons.

Among the top reasons why cloud-based phone numbers are preferred are the improved connectivity and scalability. Calls made using Internet-based phone lines also travel easily. When it comes to innovative ways to utilize business phone numbers in 2019, mobility is supreme.

With companies aiming to achieve unprecedented growth, particularly for those types of businesses that require frequent communication with co-workers and their customer base, virtual phone numbers make the most sense.

Essential to Branding

Extending beyond practical applications, business phone numbers are also extremely important to a company’s brand. Connectivity lies at the core of humanity. This is even more apparent in businesses where voice, in some ways, is used to support business operations and marketing practices on a daily basis. Customers can purchase goods or hire a service, inquire about a product, or give feedback on a company’s products and services.

Frustrating robotic voices on the other end of the line when a customer makes a call to a business can be extremely frustrating, yet business owners have a growing need to be extremely mobile versus sitting in an office for hours at a time to make sure they do not miss important calls.

This is why one of the most innovative ways to utilize business phone numbers in 2019 is to use the call forwarding feature along with a company’s virtual phone number. This feature allows any employee of the business to have calls forwarded to another landline number or cell phone number of their choice when they are on the move.

The Option of Toll Free Numbers

Another one of the most innovative ways to utilize business phone numbers in 2019 is to purchase a toll free virtual phone number. Businesses choosing to target nearby customers may opt for a local phone number, because that is what makes the most sense for them, but companies aiming to reach larger geographical areas across the nation may find it a better option to purchase a toll free number for their business. Vanity numbers are particularly useful toll free numbers and easy to remember for customers.

There are many innovative ways to utilize business phone numbers in 2019. The most important thing to do is to really analyze the needs of the business, the customers of the business, and goals for growth when deciding what type of phone number to purchase.