Saving money on business printing – Why compatible consumables are not the answer

Graham Lowes, marketing director, OKI Printing Solutions, says If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. An over-used phrase perhaps, but in the case of cheap printer consumables, it could hardly be more relevant. The economy may be gradually pulling away from recession, but SMEs are still focused on running a tight ship and they can be forgiven for looking to save money at every opportunity.

Using Humour in Presentations

Have you ever had one of those tumbleweed moments in a presentation you’ve given when you’ve told a joke, and nobody laughed? Or have you been in the audience and shuffled uncomfortably, acutely embarrassed for the presenter who is desperately trying to recover the situation? In this article we take a look at how to avoid those situations.

Black and White and Red all Over – Penguin Books go Global, so Get Published Yourself!

July marked 75 years since Penguin books began publishing stories. They became renowned for their originality and innovation, which got this Book Midwife thinking back to when she found out that certain publishers out there still think that some books don’t deserve to be written. But it just goes to show that every book deserves to be written and every book deserves to be read!