Beginner’s Guide to Bookmakers, Sporting Events & Online Betting

Betting has gone a long way from traditional form otherwise known as live betting to online betting in local and international race circuits through bookmakers’ websites.

Instead of walking over to local bookmaker’s offices, calling up their bookie on the phone – the internet has made betting a lot more convenient for both bookie and punter.

Websites are open 24hours a day. You just click on your options, make a bet and wait for results. Depositing is also easy and with reputable bookmakers, you can withdraw your winnings just as easy as well. Yes, virtual transactions do take a bit of time, but it is far less of a hassle to bet online than drive over to a bookmaker and more private as well.

Every year or less, new forms of online money transfers are invented. Customer support for most bookmaker’s websites can be called directly to negotiate entry to another programme for much more efficient transfers.

Top UK and International Online Bookmakers

When betting on different events, the bookies and punters pay close attention to the contenders as the odds are determined by several factors, including how good the competitors are, home field/court advantage (if applicable), weather conditions (sometimes) and others.

When intending on placing a bet, punters should look in to signing up with the major bookmakers for an added bonus of some extra spending money you usually receive upon joining. We recommend that you check out the most reviewed sites before creating an account with one or more of them. That’s right, consider opening an account with more than one bookmaker to more promos and bonuses.

Here are some of the most popular bookmakers online for UK punters:

  • Bet365

Open an account with this international gambling firm and you have unified access to first-class casino games, poker and bingo rooms. Affiliated with IBAS or the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, Bet365 operates and abides by IBAS decisions on any dispute.

  • William Hill

This firm may be the world’s leading betting and gaming company and offers their customers the best odds in a wide variety of markets. It has four major businesses that include Retail, Online, William Hill Australia and William Hill US.

One of the trusted names in this industry, you can be assured that your bets are dealt with properly.

  • Ladbrokes

Comprised of three gaming and betting brands, Labrokes, Coral and Gala, the betting communities in the UK and across Europe and beyond are provided with state of the art betting services for a wide range of market.

There are more options for you choose from, such as BetFair, Paddy Power and more. There are also websites that present these bookmakers with corresponding promo codes to take advantage of so that you can bet on your favorite sports as an enjoyable betting experience.

Free Bets as Aggressive Marketing Strategy

A popular, yet some say questionable, type of betting bonus is the free bet. Questions about free bets often arise in discussions about choosing a bookmaker or for guides newbies should check out before betting. If there is a major sporting event and you are enticed to bet on its outcome, we recommend that you sign up to a few bookmakers to take advantage of different offers and promotions.

Terms and Conditions apply – you’ll see this often as well. Read these terms and conditions well in order to know what expect exactly and when to expect these incentives to be credited to you.

Seasoned betters have a simple strategy that does not consist of complex betting systems. Free bets are offered by almost all bookmakers and betting exchanges and punters take advantage of the aggressive marketing strategy betting companies use to entice members. Just find an online free bets list of your liking.