Just you and your willpower: Testing BetterMe fitness app as a gym alternative

For every “If only…” there’s an app. There are apps to help us communicate, express ourselves artistically, find the right places to stay at or discover best kinds of wine.

There is also an abundance of fitness and/or wellness-related apps that promise us excellent results, personalized exercises, regulated calorie intake, etc., etc., etc.

This is a candid, thorough review of BetterMe fitness and weight loss app. Why BetterMe? Because, curiously, it’s a lesser-known name but it’s already earned its spot among the leaders in the category, and BetterMe reviews indicate that users of this app are satisfied with what they get (for the most part, we’ll be talking about that a bit later).

A quick guide on handling BetterMe

BetterMe app is available for both Android and iOS device users at PlayStore and AppStore, respectively.

Next, let’s look at the BetterMe user interface. After a pretty simple registration procedure (through Facebook or email), BetterMe asks you to enter your personal data on your weight, age, height and diet preferences. Then you set your own goals: your target weight, your “fitness proficiency,” and the time to set the workout reminders for.

Finally, you can stop, restart or cancel any of the step-by-step video-guides!

What’s BetterMe good for

BetterMe does have a number of features that, in our opinion, elevate this app above other similar offers.

  • The BetterMe app helps you get accustomed to exercising regularly and adopting healthier eating habits.
  • The work is never truly over. Once you’re done with toning a specific area of your body, you can start a program that targets another body part (tummy, legs, arms, chest area, etc.). We especially recommend trying out the BetterMe 28-day challenge!
  • The exercises, as well as meal plans, are very well thought-out and expert-approved. Also, you don’t need much to prepare for your workout, just your own body and will, and a mat.
  • Once you develop a routine – food intake and/or regular workouts – you’ll automatically start paying more attention to what you eat, your daily schedule (hours of sleep, time spent outdoors), your posture, your smaller habits like water intake and afternoon walks.
  • BetterMe is a work in progress, meaning that the developers are mindful of the feedback they get and are working to improve the app and introduce more options for a larger range of prospective customers. Which means that the app will be translated into more languages, have more diet options, etc. Which, in its turn, means a healthier you!
  • The BetterMe Facebook community, as well as BetterMe website, called BetterMe Guru, also exist. We’ve discovered that they are a nice addition to the workouts, with all the fitness, health, mental health advice they post.

User experience

Here is what users are saying about BetterMe fitness app.

“It’s simply splendid. I have no excuse for not working out.”

– Omotoye Ojo

“Very good! Starts with simple exercises for people who are not accustomed to exercising and motivates them to keep going.”

– Angelica

“I love it so far. I do my own meal prep, but the workouts are great for me. Simple, strengthening, and just enough time.”

– Rose

“I have never been able to stick with workout apps, but this one I do EVERY SINGLE DAY! I actually look forward to doing it because i see results so fast! If i could rate this more than a 5 I would!”

– US reviewer

“I’m a pretty busy person- principal, working on my doctorate, on 3 different boards… this is quick and motivational.”

– JLynLin

“This app is the best workout app I ever seen it tracks how many calories you have burnt and it shows you step-by-step workout.”

– Sarah

As for drawbacks, the main seem to be these:

  • BetterMe isn’t completely free. It does offer a free trial period, but to continue using it, you’d have to pay. The cost isn’t that horrific, though, starting from $6.99 per month.
  • A stable Internet connection is required for the app to work properly, so make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data is on.
  • Currently, meal plans aren’t too diverse – only vegetarian and “omnivore” options are available, as of today.

BetterMe verdict: Yay or Nay?

Having a fitness app may be the first step in the right direction, that is, towards the healthier, fitter you. Does BetterMe make a good gym replacement? On its own, BetterMe app offers an effective workout/diet regime. It can also be a nice addition to your existing gym membership, or, say, your guide to exercising when you’re on vacation.

Go read BetterMe review, go see your doctor, consult a nutritionist, ask them what they think about BetterMe. Yes, it’s just an app, but it’s your health, after all. Finally, subscribe for a free BetterMe app trial to decide if you want to keep it on your phone. Find out if BetterMe will make you a healthier, happier person.