Where do you stand with social media law?

With over half of the entire UK population having a Facebook account, it is claimed that employers are losing £14 billion per year as a direct result of employees accessing social media sites during work hours, yet their hands are tied when it comes to disciplinary action resulting in a minefield for employers and the rules of what is acceptable and what is not are very hazy.

The entrepreneurial journey is tough, so accept support when available

Working 12 hour days, six days a week, becoming an entrepreneur means turning your job into your whole life, but loving every minute. Since its launch in 2009, the PoolMate has positioned itself at the forefront of a wave of innovations in performance-enhancing athletics technology, across over 60 countries. Lisa Irlam, (pictured centre) founder of Swimovate and creator of the PoolMate, discusses her inspirations and challenges and gives practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bonuses: Are they worth it?

The divide between those who are paid significant salaries with generous bonuses and those on more modest incomes (and for some national minimum wage) seems to be getting wider. Recent press articles indicate that senior management salaries have increased up to 75 per cent whilst employees’ salaries are expected to rise less than 3 per cent. It seems hard to understand the rationale and mechanics of this disparity.