Engage with your customers online – don’t just broadcast to boost sales

Websites are no longer simply the online ‘face’ of a business. Customers expect more from a company’s website than a home page. To use an analogy of buying a house, how many people make a purchase based on how attractive they find the outside of a building? Buyers want to be able to enter a home, have a good look around and get a feel of a house, before making a purchase decision

Is your computer software licensed? Your staff might earn a bonus if not!

In one of the largest UK settlements to date, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has settled with a media hosting company following an investigation into its use of unlicensed software. The investigation was launched after the BSA was tipped-off by a former employee. The company paid in excess of £100,000 in damages, in addition to paying a significant amount to purchase legal copies of Microsoft and Adobe software.