Investors tag onto tweety pie

Unless you have been living in splendid isolation in recent months, you will have struggled to avoid the latest online social networking craze ‘Twitter’. Andy Lopata, business networking specialist, looks at how Twitter, Hot on the heels of ‘Facebook’ as the next great communication tool, it is being championed by celebrities such as Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry, used by politicians such as Barack Obama and adopted by people of all ages and walks of life at a rapid rate.

Support required now for more businesses to win government contracts

Proposals designed to help more small businesses win government contracts should be prioritised in the forthcoming Budget, the Forum of Private Business (FPB) is arguing. As part of its submission to the 2009 Budget the FPB is pressing the Government to fast-track measures outlined in the Glover Review, at present scheduled to be implemented in 2010, in order to stimulate the flagging economy by increasing competition for tenders and providing better value for money.

How to really persuade in presentations: Alastair Campbell

An element of persuasion is key to most presentations, ensuring that an audience are on the speaker’s side. But how’s this done?
Speaker Mentor Alastair Campbell had one of UK’s top persuasive remits as Tony Blair’s Chief Strategist.
“The speaker’s got to work out what the main objective is of their speech,” Alastair told us. “That’s all about the central argument”.
Alastair believes that most people will listen to a well structured argument: “If you make a case, founded on factual analysis, values, your own experiences, history, colour… you can usually persuade somebody closer to your case, even if ultimately they’re not going to necessarily agree with you”.