Employment issues: Part-time student workers

Many starting at university over the past few days are aware of the need to earn whilst they learn and this is fuelling a boom in part-time working. This growth in part-time students could turn out to be a bonus for small businesses, as many students committed to studying part-time for up to six years will seek part-time work that will support their long-term career plans.

Beware the Dragons!

An interesting story has been published on the negotiations between one of the most successful candidates for investment to appear on Dragon’s Den and two of the Dragons, James Caan and Duncan Ballantyne, who together agreed to invest £80,000 in Sharon Wright’s business, Talpa Products. And she had only asked for £50,000!

When, some time after her session in the den, Sharon signed up to a contract with very onerous terms without reading the contract she had been given.