London set to host the ‘ultimate SME networking event’

Business Scene, the UK’s fastest growing online business community, has invited companies from across the capital to join them at ‘London Connections’, sponsored by Microsoft and Alliance & Leicester.

More than 200 SMEs from a range of industries are expected to attend, bringing the city’s leading business networking groups together under one roof on the 15th September.

So what is Twitter really all about? – Here are ten ways to get more from your Tweets

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become something of a social media phenomenon. The idea of telling the world what you had for breakfast might fill you with horror, but there’s no denying that any channel that helps you identify emerging trends and engage with huge numbers of people has to have some potential as a business tool. We asked ntl:Telewest Business’s John Cunningham for his top ten tips on how you can use Twitter to benefit your bottom line.

A beginner’s guide to selling on Twitter

The rise in popularity of Twitter is partially due to its adoption by celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Lance Armstrong. Yet as a communications tool that allows you to talk to huge networks of people, and track what’s being said about topics in real-time, Twitter has enormous potential as a business tool.

What Do You Really Sell?

Many people in commerce are familiar with the idea of a “USP” or “Unique Selling Proposition”, that is, a benefit which is unique to your product or service that will attract new customers. Grant Leboff, principal of The Intelligent Sales Club, looks at how coming up with a “USP”, in today’s market place, is not easy when the competition is so fierce.

Tweet your way to a better business profile

Want to increase your business profile using Social Media and the new comer on the block Twitter. Media140 will be the UK’s first micro-blogging event, bringing together the worlds of print, broadcast, online and social media together to debate and discuss the impact of new micro-blogging services such as twitter and how they are changing how news is being sourced and consumed.

How to speak Twitter

The micro blogging social website has become a huge business phenomenon with businesses really utilising the site to increase their marketing reach.

But can you speak Twitter? Here we explain some of the phrases in a handy glossary