Fintech lender Iwoca to offer Lirpasloof Yoga for stressed SME owners

Lirpasloof yoga for busy business owners

Fintech lender Iwoca has teamed up with Yogi extraordinaire Milton Devi to help stressed out UK SME owners with unique relaxation sessions

Iwoca, the London based fintech company which offers credit to small businesses in a couple of clicks, providing access to £1,000-£150,000 directly through the iwoca website and through partner integrations have teamed up with Yogi extraordinaire Milton Devi to offer you a fab form of yoga featuring nature’s cutest quadruped.

Commenting on the offering iwoca said: “Running a business is exciting, but it can also be all-encompassing and stressful – the key is to never sideline your health and well-being. To support business owners, we travelled to the high plateaus of Tibet in a mission to discover a pioneering concept that could help alleviate the stress inevitably caused from running your own company. The meditative effects of this undiscovered and ancient yoga discipline are there for all to see.”

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However unfortunately, Iwoca aren’t able to offer this service on anything other than April fools day…. Sorry…