LeoVegas mobile gaming group selects new domain name partner

One of Europe’s fastest-growing and most innovative digital companies in the iGaming space has announced a new strategic partnership with a domain name firm.

LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group has confirmed that Ports Group will become its inaugural domain name partner, as the brand strives to protect its growing domain portfolio, whilst benefitting from bespoke hosting solutions that provide first-class user experiences.

Since its establishment in 2012, LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group has fast become one of the leading mobile gaming names throughout western Europe. With a continued influx of new customers and constant innovation, the brand continues to achieve exceptional levels of growth and is regularly used as an example for those blazing a trail in the mobile revolution. The company has been awarded over 15 industry awards for its commitment to mobile gaming experiences and providing new and exciting possibilities for its customers.

Mattias Bergehed, Head of SEO at the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group, welcomed the partnership, stating that a full-service solution was needed to cover “everything from trademark and domain protection, to customised hosting solutions”. Bergehed also welcomed the ability to “centralise and monitor against infringements”, as well as “potential security risks” which are becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital space.

The LeoVegas Group not only focuses on its core mobile casino market, it also endeavours to look toward the future with its LeoVentures organisation, overseen by co-founder, Robin Ramm-Ericson. LeoVentures presently works with live casino providers such as Authentic Gaming; innovative card game brand 21 Heads-Up; live casino community and engagement specialists, LiveCasino and social live casino streaming platformCasinoGrounds. The organisation’s partnerships with these external firms helps to identify early market trends and ensure the Group can stay ahead of the mobile curve.

Patrik Lindahl, Head of Professional Services at Ports Group, spoke in positive terms about the new partnership, insisting the “needs of LeoVegas fits perfectly into our [Ports Group’s] full-service solution with secure, strategic and active management as well as proactive protection of digital assets”.

McKinsey revealed recently that the number of systems breaches among small and large online organisations has doubled in the last five years. More worryingly, the attacks have grown both in complexity and sophistication; making them harder to detect and resolve. The minimisation of business risks is therefore essential to fast-emerging brands such as LeoVegas, who become increasingly attractive targets to cyber-criminals.

Ports Group acknowledges that security is the cornerstone of protecting digital assets, as well as the infrastructure of domains and email servers. Large-scale organisations can benefit from having their services hosted on private data centres, offering maximum security. Ports Group’s own hosting services are based at their head office outside Gothenburg, Sweden, but overseas brands can be sure of full redundancy and mirroring at various locations around the world.

The company’s active monitoring and enforcement of all domain names within the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group will also prevent the risk of cybersquatting, allowing innovative businesses to act fast regarding changes with new registrations on new markets and threats to existing trademarks.