What an unholy Eton Mess

The conclusion to the first live TV debate in my mind is simple. Gordon Brown is a lost cause and has exposed on live television why he is the worst Prime Minister this nation has ever had. David Cameron has shown how you can throw an election away by lacking in focus, priority and depth. Whilst Nick Clegg has demonstrated that the British public are so naïve that if you wrap rat poison in a pretty ribbon and call it a cup cake – they will eat it all up.

How i see things…

To be totally honest I would like to hear more from both parties and what their policies are, not only for businesses but for the environment. I would like to take the opportunity to sit down with both parties, look into their eyes and ask some serious questions.

How useful is an MBA?

Some people think that the more qualifications you have, the more valuable you are. And in business circles, the MBA is a highly valued qualification. I’m just not sure that it is a guarantee of quality management, good decision making or judgement, or anything at all.