The Apprentice: It’s a dog’s life.

Starting off with the usual tenuous link the contestants were taken to the home of Samuel Johnson, after a bit of confusion between the actor Samuel L. Jackson and Samuel Johnson, the man who put together the original English Dictionary, they gathered to listen to the great one speak.

Again, Lord Sugar had us in suspense, could it be a task in fine books or marketing literature to the modern age? No, it was selling pet products. The link, Samuel Johnson had a cat.

With the challenge to sell both high and low price point products to pet lovers at the excel, mixed up teams headed off to separate rooms to pick their PM and low price point products (separate things).

Heading up team Connexus was Scott, owner of a dog and heavily into sales, the perfect combo for a pet themed sales task! For team Versatile, the baby faced David, a ninja of enthusiasm and team spirit.

Deciding on their products Team Connexus and Brett in particular wanted to focus on rabbits with one of my favourite quotes of the evening being “We need to be upbeat about the rabbit sector”. Personally I think he is getting a little confused, but apparently rabbit show jumping is a real thing.

Having put that to one side and loosing out to the baby faced ninja Team Connexus went with a feline theme, selling heat pads and a light up cat toy. Carrying on the feline theme the high product, cat towers, a previous success with a supplier confident they could sell a minimum of ten if not twenty.

Team Versatile took a more varied approach, beating Team Connexus to the animal balloons, they also stocked animal t-shirts and went with luxury dog beds for their high end item.

Raring to go like rabbits in a show ring the team headed to the excel for day two and splitting off into teams hit the stalls.

With Selina, Scott and Ruth on the selling team for the towers it didn’t take long for things to go pear shaped. Scott managed to sell four towers, Selina sold one (with Scotts help) and then got bored and Ruth try and talk and she might could close a sale. Hats off to Scott for the encouragement and coaching that he had for Ruth. Even switching team members towards the end didn’t help shift any more of the luxury items and all they could do was hope the heat pads and sensory stimulation toys for cats paid off.

Over at team Versatile stall the team dressed in hamster t-shirts and sporting face paint sold balloons like they were going out of fashion, with a ten minute queue and a decision (not fully supported by Karren) to concentrate on £5 balloons the guys didn’t stop.

Over on the luxury stall it was slower going with Richard panicking that he could no longer shift responsibility on to someone else and realising that he would indeed need to sell something. Luckily for him, after a slow start he got his selling mojo going and the team managed to shift over £2,000 worth of luxury dog beds.

Once the numbers were released it was left to Scott to decide who he was bringing back into the boardroom, the answer, Selina and Ruth.

With Ruth unable to sell anything despite it being her speciality she was on to a looser straight away and in the end it was she who was fired.

Though Sugar may have made a sensible decision it pains me o see mean girl Selina stay in the competition. Many more weeks of her glaring and catty attitude and I might break. Again, it’s an example of the nice and interesting folk not cutting the mustard and once again although praised for his politeness Scott was advised to be more ruthless.

I think at this rate the final will be a wrestling match.


Rebecca Jones

Journalist for Business Matters and founder of Rock Content


Journalist for Business Matters and founder of Rock Content