Brexit should be left to Business Leaders

Brexit Deal or No Deal, Theresa May is facing increasing pressure to walk – as her lack of negotiation skills, combined with poor leadership is leaving her to scrutiny.

Let’s face it, since the referendum announcement in June 2016 very little has happened. No concrete trade deals have been confirmed, and a potential divorce settlement figure in the realm of Billions has accelerated concerns throughout Parliament, amongst the general public, and predominantly within the UK Business sector.

Take this week, for example, MPs have demanded that May publishes a series of official studies into the economic dangers of Brexit, where speculation lies in the fact 88% of the economy will be compromised as a result of various exit terms. An extremely alarming statistic for any Business Owner, large or small.

For me, the real question here is whether Theresa May is the right person for the job? A question, I doubt, I’m alone in thinking. For months, I’ve argued that Brexit should be negotiated by Business Leaders, the Men and Women of Britain who boast invaluable experience in driving a hard deal and achieving the desired result.

Don’t agree? Perhaps these points will change your mind:


In a recent article by The Independent, Carolyn Fairbairn, the Director General for Confederation of British Industry advised that the lack of progression on the Brexit Divorce Bill is ‘deeply concerning to many businesses in the UK and rest of the Europe’.

The problem here is that this lack of progression has existed for over a year now. May has failed time and time again to move discussions forwards – whilst the Business sector has become increasingly concerned by the impact a potential ‘bad Brexit’ will have on the UK economy.


Despite her efforts, May is extremely poor at quelling uncertainty – I’m yet to come across a Business Owner who is encouraged by her leadership skills. She doesn’t inspire confidence, and certainly doesn’t run a steady ship, both in and out of Parliament.

This sense of uncertainty is rife throughout Britain – where even those who voted Leave are starting to question their decision.

Economic Outcry

The pound continues to trade at one of its lowest rates in years, with top economics firms claiming business investment will ultimately collapse, if the Government does not secure a transition deal with the EU within a matter of months. May is more than aware of these reports, yet the Country remains at a standstill.

Negotiating the Brexit deal was never going to be easy; however, I cannot see how a leader who lacks a key ‘Business Skillset’, together with the support of both Parliament and the Public, will succeed?

But, for the sake of the UK Business sector and wider economy, I very much hope that I’m wrong.


About Mark Wright

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