Celebrate London Technology Week by embracing the digital age

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We now live in an age where there are more mobile phone subscriptions than people worldwide, where individuals are spending up to and over five hours per day on their mobile devices, and where paperless offices are becoming part of the normal 9-5.

Despite the fact these statistics will seem mundane to most, there is still a mass percentage of businesses that have and do not engage with the power of digital – from operations and internal processes, to marketing and business development…and I’m not just talking about using LinkedIn!


In 2015 the number of mobile users overtook the number of desktop users for the first time – and in 2016, this figure has and will continue to grow. That said, it would be interesting to know roughly what percentage of UK businesses actually have and implement a mobile strategy? From app development, data capture and the use of mobile trends – mobile provides the perfect platform to really understand and engage with your target audience, delivering content, information, services or a product to a device that is used daily.


Continued Professional Development should be a priority for all employers and employees, and prior to the explosion of digital platforms, this would have meant attending full day or week-long training courses. However, with the growth of technology has come accessible and affordable education – where in most we don’t realise or perhaps appreciate how much we can learn from a simple online search. Want to help your staff expand their knowledge to better support your business? Embrace the of the world of Edtech – encourage wider reading, the download of apps and the use of video, as just 5 minutes per day could build you a better and stronger workforce in a matter of weeks.

Your digital brand

What do you do when you want to find out more about another brand or business? You Google them, right? Well that is exactly what your potential customers or clients are doing for your business. I meet a considerable number of business owners per week and am still astounded by the percentage of them that either don’t have a website or aren’t happy with the one they do have. A large part of embracing digital in business is to ensure digital successfully represents you and your brand. Your website is your shop window, LinkedIn your sales tool, and SEO and PPC your competitive edge.

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About Mark Wright

Digital marketing specialist and influential Entrepreneur, Mark Wright, is the founder and creator of one of the UK’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Climb Online. Developed in partnership with Lord Sugar – following Mark’s win of The Apprentice 2014. In boasting a unique approach to online marketing for business development, Mark and his team have been entrusted with driving the digital strategy for some of the UK’s most widely known and recognised brands including Groupon, Be Wiser Insurance and Company Check.