“Delivering dynamic growth” HowSMEs can build business advantage in the cloud

In my last blog, I shifted my focus away from my personal perspective on cloud computing to introduce one of our customers, Chen Kotecha, managing director of scancom.co.uk, and asked him to present his experiences of the technology. In today’s entry, I want to extend the customer theme and open up the floor to Mark Orsborn, director of IT consultancy, Acertis Cloud to talk about how his business is achieving dynamic growth and competitive edge by building apps in the cloud.

Wanted – alternatives to sport and challenge-based charity sponsorship

For years now, raising money for charity by taking part in a sport-related event or challenge has been de rigeur.

I think it’s time for change. We should look to the business world for inspiration on how to raise money for charity by giving people who sponsor something back.

The feel-good factor that comes from sponsoring people doesn’t really cut it in a time of recession when we’re all watching the pennies.

If people sponsor something, they should get something in return, even if it’s having their car washed or their lawn mowed or receiving some baked treats. I think it’s time to re-think the current charity sponsorship model.

Driving your business from the sales forecast

Years ago I found myself on a board tasked with privatising part of the old Greater London Council (GLC). We submitted a bid to buy our business but it was unsuccessful and the business was sold to some other guys. Just before I received my marching orders I did get a chance to see how the new predators operated. There are some lessons that I’ve never forgotten.