Skype swallowed up by Microsoft, Apprentice language explained & learning from failure

Microsoft confirms takeover of Skype: Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy internet phone service Skype. The deal being to buy to buy the operator,  used by many small businesses, will see Microsoft pay $8.5bn (£5.2bn) for Skype, the BBC are reporting, making it Microsoft’s largest acquisition. Internet auction house eBay bought Skype […]

Consultants? No thanks (or yes please)!

In business, sometimes it feels like I’m over-run with people trying to sell me things. Nowadays this includes increasing numbers of professionals. It’s not just accountants and lawyers, there’s sales and PR advisers, IT companies, marketing and strategy consultants. Name the business function and there are the guns touting for hire.

Small firms enjoy fast growth, Luke Johnson says we need angels & Cameron needs to ‘calm down dear’

Small Firms Enjoy Fastest Growth In 16 Years: UK’s small and medium-sized manufacturers grew at the fastest rate in 16 years due to strong demand at home and abroad, according to new data from the CBI published by Sky. The CBI Trends Survey goes onto report that companies have also benefited from the competitive level […]

Banks failure deserves punishment, success & failure in business is close together

Banks failure to support small business deserves punishment, say MPs. The Government did not do enough to punish taxpayer-backed banks when they failed to hit targets for lending to small businesses, MPs have said today. The London Evening Standard is saying that a report from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has revealed that The Treasury […]

Financial problems grow, Flip Cameras no more & the top 100 tech businesses announced

The number of UK firms showing signs of serious financial problems is growing as customers tighten their belts, says a report produced by corporate turnaround specialists Begbies Traynor, published by the BBC today. The report shows a 15% rise in firms suffering “significant” or “critical” financial distress in the first quarter of 2011 over last […]

The UK Parliament – engaging with the needs of SMEs

There is much criticism that politicians are out of touch with people who run small and medium sized business across the UK. We asked Lord McFall of Alcluith, who was the Member of Parliament for Dumbarton and the West Dunbartonshire between 11 June 1987 and 12 April 2010 to explain how the UK Parliament is engaging with SMEs to learn from them and offer them as much help and support as they can to help then grow.

If even the Olympic Stadium will be ‘recycled’, why is there still so much waste in business?

Even though the Olympics haven’t taken place and construction of the Olympic Stadium isn’t yet finished, the flagship stadium has already been allocated to West Ham Football Club for use after London 2012.

I for one am relieved that West Ham won the bid. Not because l’m a die-hard ‘Hammer’ but because they appear to be wasting a lot less of the stadium by keeping the athletics track than the other hopeful club, Tottenham, would have done by re-building it as a football-only venue.