Do you see Angels?

It’s tough to be an entrepreneur out there in this current market, tougher than I’ve ever seen it before. Small business owners with stellar ideas for start-up ventures and innovators with life-changing inventions are being left dangling over the precipice of despair, abandoned by institutions that previously might have funded them, and having to watch their dreams crumble.

Could being grateful be making you weak?

“I guess I’m just lucky to have a job at the moment.”

This is a common response to the “how things are going at work?” question. With so many redundancies, many people feel grateful to still be in gainful employment and relieved that it’s their salary rather than savings that will feed the family for another month.

Can a ‘technophobe’ really make it as a successful entrepreneur?

Are there three people in your relationship – you, your partner and your Blackberry? From the bedroom to the gym and even on the beaches of foreign shores, a Blackberry or iPhone is often never far from an entrepreneur’s side.

Apple has sold 21.17 million iPhones worldwide and last week RIM, the Canadian technology firm behind the BlackBerry, has unveiled a new mass-market version of its popular phone.

The Apprentice Final live

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