The Apprentice episode 5: Once upon a time a Snottydink

This week the teams met at The London Library in St James’ Square as the teams were set the task of creating a simple children’s book for 3-5 year olds.

With his rousing speech “I love language, I think words and language are key to existence”, Sam headed up Team Connexus.

Comparing Aristotle to plots for children’s books Sam wanted to create a moral story so planning began whilst Team Versatile voted in Charlene for PM and promptly voted against her and went for Josephs idea of a honey bee and it’s adventures.

Cut back to Sam and Team Connexus and all he had really achieved was to confuse his team whilst talking about mythical creatures, I’m no expert on children or children’s literature but I can’t remember many mythical creatures or Aristotle themes.

Luckily and possibly surprisingly Elle came to the rescue with the idea of a sneezing dragon, Snottydinks was born.

With the teams splitting up and heading off to create book and conduct market research Richard had the hump that he was only sub-team leader, though not made any better by Charlene insisting she only speak to David. The boys conducted the research and fed back to the teams before heading off to create the audio book. Davids enthusiasm came into play again and whilst dancing in the booth recorded the sound effects and book.

Meantime Team Connexus were cutting it fine and keeping the audio team waiting for the script, if four episodes has taught us anything it’s not to annoy Selina.

With day two upon the teams they headed out to start selling their books to professionals, with 300 books.

After some awkward pitches and Charlene showing us why you should really delegate to your team it was was back to the boardroom to see the great wizard himself, Lord Sugar.

With comparisons to writing King Leah and Natalie’s supposed snotty episode Sam put his hands up and commended his team whilst taking responsibility for nearly missing deadlines.

Team Versatile were commended for their opportunistic selling to the focus group and Charlene’s street selling whilst it was noted that refusing to speak to Richard and not letting him pitch was a bit of a stupid thing to do.

Unsurprisingly Team Connexus were the losers, making £587.25 to Team Versatiles £690.10.

After debating, for a long time, who to bring back to the boardroom Sam went with Natalie and Brett.

With it being noted that Sam takes to long to make a decision and Brett having not yet stepped up to the plate to prove his worth as PM, it fell to Natalie’s poor pitching and speaking skills.

With a point of the finger and the magic spell, Natalie was no more.


Rebecca Jones

Journalist for Business Matters and founder of Rock Content


Journalist for Business Matters and founder of Rock Content